About Our Practitioners

Silvia Gutierrez

Karuna Reiki Master, Advanced Crystal Master, Munay Ki Facilitator

Silva's passion consists in constantly working on understanding energy and applying this understanding to supporting her clients' healing jopurneys. Her favourite modalities include Crystal Healing, Shamanic Tools and Reiki.

Britta McBride

Tarot Practitioner, Life Coach

Britta is an emotional intuitive and has been reading tarot since getting her first deck at the age of 5. Additionally she is a Certified Life & Relationship Coach. She is the author and designer of the Crystal Grid Oracle Deck.

Tammy Lynn Moore

Angel Reader, Rainbow Energy Healer

Tammy is a Spiritual teacher and healer, receiving light language as an Angel intuitive and Psychic to deliver guidance and support from spirit in various forms including, Archangels, Ascended Masters and deceased loved ones. Tammy relays what she sees, hears, knows and feels, giving you the opportunity for healing on a physical and metaphysical level, filling you with divine inspiration and insight, helping you to move forward in life. Tammy is a gentle soul, warm, caring and compassionate, she continues to grow and develop her natural abilities through spiritual studies for over 15 years.


An avid student of nature, with a background in geology. Since childhood Tamara has been learning from and experiencing the energies that the ecosphere has to offer. After discovering how mother earth helps us heal ourselves, she wishes to share this gift of healing with everyone. Intuitively translating the language of stones, or manipulating the healing energies they provide, Tamara is here to help you along your spiritual path.

Natalia Grado

Karuna Reiki Master Teacher & Certified Medium

 Natalia is a spiritual teacher and angelic healer. She was born with a developed intuition and curiosity for the spiritual world that lead her to metaphysics and celestial beings at an early age. She is passionate about helping others and sharing her knowledge by holding space and helping everyone to connect with their inner being through meditations, reiki, energy healing, private coaching and spiritual development workshops.

Natalia’s wish is for everyone to meet and work with all the celestial loving beings that surround us so we all ascend our frequency to the fifth dimension so we receive higher level information for the highest good.

 Natalia specializes in subjects such as crystals, angels, ascended master, reiki, the law of attraction and affirmations.

Sunny  Di Francesco

Sunny is a Starseed, Singer-Songwriter, Musician, Crystal Healing Practitioner & Reiki Practitioner. For eons Sunny has been a spark in the universe, experiencing life in many forms in preparation for Earth’s current transit into a higher vibrational consciousness. Her biggest passions in life are writing, singing, creating & performing. Sunny has always had an open connection to her intuition. It is the voice that guides her to strength & compassion through the difficulties in life. It was working with crystals that made Sunny realize - she can use her intuitive abilities to guide others. It is is her belief that crystals are keepers of divine energy which enhance healing and inspire personal growth on our journeys.

Cindy Anne Noelle

Spiritual Medium and Animal Communicator

Cindy Anne has had two main passions her entire life….animals and all things spiritual!  Growing up, you’d find her either surrounded by her pets, learning about animal rights, visiting a psychic fair or experimenting with different methods of divination.  Once CindyAnne reached her 20’s and life happened, she took a break from all things spiritual.  It wasn’t until she received a truly healing mediumship reading (after she had suffered a devastating loss of her own), that she decided she wanted to get back into it, to help others the way she had been helped.  Because of her loss, her healing and her love of animals, it was only natural for her to focus on mediumship and animal communication, and to this day she has not looked back.  In her spare time (which is rare), you can still find Cindy Anne advocating for animals, or attending courses and workshops to expand her spiritual knowledge and practice.  Cindy Anne offers readings in both mediumship and animal communication (currently on living animals).

Nancy Arruda

Psychic and Astrologer

Nancy is a highly gifted Psychic and Astrologer who has the ability to tap into universal consciousness to find the answers to your most pressing questions. She has a unique and diverse background as a metaphysical practitioner and teacher since her awakening experience in 1995.  At this time, other natural psychic gifts became activated, such as, Clairsentience (psychic feeling), Clairvoyance (psychic seeing)      and Clairaudience (psychic hearing). 

These experiences lead Nancy on a journey to studying many different kinds of Metaphysical studies, such as; Understanding Intuition and Symbolism, Dream Analysis, Chakra’s, Energy, Aura’s, Meditation, Astrology, Tarot, Numerology, Native Spirituality, Earth Study’s, Spirit Art, Kabbalah (The Tree of Life), Psychic Development, Crystals, Herbs and Reiki.

Nancy has been fully active in the metaphysical community from Toronto to Sudbury.  She is a regular guest on TV and Radio shows.  

Sandy Thomas 

Ascension Teacher and Coach

Sandy worked as an ESL teacher internationally for 20 years. She has been an intuitive (Starseed) since her early youth, and since then has searched for answers in the mystical and metaphysical arenas. Over the years, she has developed great insight and wisdom though her training and practice, and is now fully dedicated to the Path of Ascension, and to teach this Path to awakening souls. Her extensive spiritual training includes the profound life-transforming Ascension Coaching Training Certification Program, which she is now bringing to Breakthrough Centre as a teacher and coach.

Nisha Karumanchery-Luik    PhD

Nisha is an Intuitive healer who can help you shift and heal emotional energy on a very deep level.  She is certified in Past Life Regression, Akashic Records, Hypnosis and Energy Medicine.  She is passionate about helping people release any shadows from their past in order to shine their Light and find their Highest expression of Happiness.  Nisha has a Ph.D. and is an author and a spiritual teacher.

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