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What IS Crystal Healing & How Can You Benefit from a Treatment?

Not long ago I read a shocking article. I have to say that this story developed outside of Canada, but I’m not sure if Canadian authorities would be able to handle a case like this in a better way.

The article talks about a lady who alleged rape after she received “Crystal Therapy from a feng shui” expert.

It is shocking that someone in a service position would disrespect their clients in any way, but what is the most shocking aspect to me is that the authorities were at a loss.

They were not able to figure out if this type of abusive and disrespectful behavior was part of a regular Crystal Healing session.

I could not believe that!

It just shows you the lack of information about the topic.

We (Professional Crystal Healers) need to make sure we do our part in informing the general public about what Crystal Healing really entails.

I can tell you that, as a Certified Crystal Healer I have a code of ethics and professional guidelines and processes that ensure that the client will feel comfortable and safe at all times during a session.

First of all:

Crystal Healing is a NON Invasive (no contact therapy.

During a session, the client lays down on a massage table and healing crystals are placed on and around their body. In cases where the client is uncomfortable with touch, the clients might place the crystals themselves making it a non-contact therapy.

It is very common to add reiki to the session because the layering up of different energies enhances the effectiveness of the treatment, however this doesn’t mean that the session has to be hands on.

Energy healing can also be hands off and it will never make you feel uncomfortable.

If it is uncomfortable, then it won’t be as effective.

Never feel shy about letting the practitioner know that you need something to be adjusted. Everything can be made to feel more soothing, relaxing and comforting. The lighting, pillows, blankets and delivery system can always be customized to fit your needs.

Oh! It is important to mention that this is a Clothes ON therapy.

You might be asked to remove crystals, jewelry and big metallic accessories (Belts), but nothing else.

Actually, it might be better to wear no jewelry when you go to a crystal healing appointment. The reason is that the metals and gemstones you wear might interfere with the energies being worked on / with.

That being clear now …

what IS crystal healing?

And what can it help you with?

Crystal healing is the placing of crystals and stones on and around the body.

The objective is the re-alignment of your own energetic frequencies and / or the removal of energetic and emotional blocks.

Just as we take care of our physical body to support our health, our energetic hygiene is an important part of our integral health and wellbeing. When we maintain a balanced and free flow of energy, this results in better health in both, the physical and emotional areas.

Crystal healing can help us heal all kinds of issues such as pain and chronic illnesses, emotional and psycho-spiritual challenges, toxin release; it can help us enhance mental clarity and focus. Crystal healing supports and enhances self-awareness and mindfulness.

The way I normally work during a crystal healing session is basically divided in two parts:

1 – First of all we focus on balancing and energetically cleaning our main energy centers called “Chakras”. Many energetic blockages are store in the chakras, which regulate function and health of all major organs and systems in the body.

2 – We use crystals to target your main areas of interest or concern such as pain, stress, confusion, body systems, etc. This can also include working on your energy, so it is better attuned to the achievement of the goals you’re pursuing: finding a better job, improving a relationship, strengthening your personal confidence, finding your dream home … you name it.

The crystals chosen for you during the session will entrain your energy and help it resonate at the same level of your goals, there for making you a match to what you want.

At the end of the session, the practitioner will usually comment on their findings throughout the session.

They will let you know which areas presented blockages and if it was possible to clear them during the session or if more work will be required.

You will also receive guidance and advice in regards to things you can do to better integrate the new energies or to continue to release what no-longer serves you.

You will get a recommendation for crystals and other tools that you can use to better support you on your path.

At this point you will be able to ask any questions that might’ve come up during the session.

It is not uncommon to receive symbolic messages from your guides and loved ones in spirit during a crystal healing session; make sure you remember them or write them down.

So there … nothing takes place during crystal healing that can make you wonder if that is appropriate.

Crystal Therapy with a professional Crystal healer takes place in sacred space. This means that only those energies that are for your highest wellbeing will be present. You will always be and feel safe and cared for.

By the way, here’s the link to the horrible article that inspired this post: