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September 2019 Tarotscopes

Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius

Aries -

September is asking for you to cultivate a better work/ life balance. Have you been neglecting one or the other? The 2 of disks is about change, so find ways to change your schedule to better accommodate what you place importance on.

Leo -

The 7 of wands means that you might find yourself defending your choices, or those of someone else this month. But stop a moment and ask yourself: are people really asking you to do that, or is it just a built in fear response. If so, you might want to think on what part of you is feeling the need to justify and sit in a defensive mindset


In September, you are going to have to work on your collaboration skills. Start by acknowledging what others may bring to the table that you don't. Then look at what you bring that is unique and special. The three of disks says you will have to work with others and not against them, so check your independent nature at the door for a bit.

Gemini, Libra, Aquarius


We are starting off the month in Virgo energy, so it makes sense for you to adapt to these qualities. We will be back in an air element soon enough, but for now it might be best to embody the Queen of disks - have patience, focus on daily practicalities, and stop overthinking. If you come at September in the energy of "it is what it is at face value", you can't go wrong

Libra -

Libras need to clear out some old energy this month. The last half of the month we are in your sign, and the Queen of Cups is asking you to sit in your own energy, rather than trying to be something you aren' any situation you find yourself in

Aquarius -

The Magus card reminds you that you are responsible for yourself. Your energy, your perceptions, your attitudes, your behaviours, your words, your feelings....all are within your control. Pull back on your tendency to project these responsibilities onto others this September. Take ownership of your direction.

Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Cancer -

The wheel of fortune is a welcome sign for Cancers who have been on the down slide lately. Fortunes are always changing, but don't forget that you have some degree of control over these. Take ownership of your destiny. Ask yourself what you want out of the month, and then take steps to make that desire a reality.

Scorpio -

Business opportunities are headed in your direction this September. The Knight of Disks doesn't just hand you things for free though. You have to embody the person of the Knight and Network about your ideas with the right people. Make opportunities happen for yourself by sharing them with others.

Pisces -

We start September on the back of the New supermoon! So the moon is asking you to manifest, even if you don't exactly know what to ask for yet. I'll let you in on a secret..... "clarity" is also a thing you can manifest!

Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

Taurus -

You might find yourself at a bit of a crossroads in September. What you should do should depend entirely on what is most important to YOU. Taurus tends to people please, but you need to call on your Bull energy here are stick to what you want, not what other people want of you.

Virgo -

September starts off in the sign of Virgo, so it's your time to shine! The issue here is that because so many planets are in Virgo right now, you are likely doing to be drained by the time we get to Libra. So make the most out of the first half of September, because the last half is going to be about rest!

Capricorn -

They say things happen in threes, but that is not just limited to bad things. Be prepared to see a lot of repetition and synchronicity in September. If you start to notice a pattern... pay attention. There is a message in that for you.