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Beyond "Heal Your Body"

Now a days the concept of emotions triggering physical symptoms is a popular one. We have come as far as the scientific community acknowledging the relationship emotion-illness. Many books have been written on this.


Some new modalities of metaphysical healing have been born from this understanding, and they offer great results.

My recent discovery in this regard is Bio-Deprogramming.

This is a technique that takes you much further than others I have learned. Bio-Deprogramming makes it possible for you to remove programs from your unconscious mind that have resulted in physical manifestations (dis-ease, pain and discomfort).

Bio-Deprogramming helps you bring those programs to your awareness and to make the connections between them and your current reality.

Once you have made that connection with the help of the practitioner, then you are guided on how to remove those programs and to create a new perspective and strategy to avoid falling into that pattern again in the future.

This technique has been developed after the discoveries of Dr. Hammer and his Germanic New Medicine. Dr. Hammer discovered and studied in depth how the physical symptoms we experience are the responses from our brain, its way to repair something that we perceive as a threat to our integrity at the energetic or emotional level.

The level of awareness, confidence and peace we obtain from this technique goes beyond all techniques and therapies I have experienced.

Biodecoding integrates different techniques and modalities in order to facilitate deep personal and ancestral healing. Some of the techniques it utilizes are: Neuro-Linguistic programming, New German medicine, Hypnosis, Family Constellations, and more.

I am currently studying to become a certified practitioner and I can’t wait to start sharing this fantastic tool. As I progress on my training, I will be sharing more about it and at some point later this year I will be offering some demo sessions, keep an eye on our social media to get more information.

Thank you for reading! Let me know if you would like to learn more about this groundbreaking technique.