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The Ascension Path

Image by Drew Rae

Image by Drew Rae

Hi, Beautiful Ascension Wave Riders!

There is a deep purging and cleansing process we are in the midst of, which is affecting our precious Gaia, humanity, you and me and all the kingdoms on Earth right here and right now. There is also a super powerful (plasma) radiation coming from the Great Central Sun of our Galaxy, which is hitting all life on the planet like it hasn’t for thousands of years! This amazing cosmic energy is meant to slowly but surely stimulate and upgrade our outdated carbon-based bodies into crystalline solar light bodies. We are all morphing in some way or another, the depth and speed of this transformation depending on how awaken or asleep we are, and on how we commit to our own personal spiritual growth.

And speaking of cosmic energies, are you afraid of solar or lunar eclipses? Many people are. They claim they have weird feelings or thoughts, or that unusual things happen to them before, during or after the eclipse. Some people even have scary dreams at night…Well, the truth is that astronomical phenomena such as solar or lunar eclipses, planet alignments, solstices, equinoxes, the opening of cosmic portals and other cosmic events are here to accelerate the surfacing, acknowledgement and healing of our past traumas and dramas and give way for the positive, more subtle energies to flow in, through and around us! See? It’s not that bad!

This recent total solar eclipse in Cancer on July 2 was all about purging our past fears and allowing for the soft, caring and unconditional love of the Divine Mother to embrace us, enfold us and nurture us as we clear those hurts and pains brought up from the muddy depths of our treacherous subconscious mind.

And how can you prep yourself for the next eclipse in Capricorn on July 16 and all forthcoming heavenly events? A few helping tips and this simple, effective light exercise to take advantage of these cosmic healing opportunities:

  • If you are feeling out of sorts, just know that you are only clearing heavy stuff. You are being energetically stimulated to see and feel yourself, your relationships and your childhood wounds through the pure eyes of your Heart.

  • Drink a full glass of clean water. Water will create a good conduit for energy in your body and will help to wash away stagnant energy.

  • Find a quiet, private place so that you are not disturbed for at least 20-30 minutes. Sit with one or both hands on your Heart. Breathe in deeply and slowly holding to still point for as long as it is comfortable, and then exhale through your mouth as if using a straw, slowly, to still point for as long as it is comfortable. Repeat three or four times until you sense or feel a palpable shift of energy in your brain/mind and body.

  • As you are breathing, visualize and FEEL a brilliant, crystalline Blue-White Light of Divine Protecting Love in, through and around you. You ARE safe and Loved beyond measure! Take your time…

  • Allow for the painful memory or feeling to surface AND TO GO THROUGH YOU.

  • RE-LIVE IT AS CLEARLY AND STRONGLY AS POSSIBLE. You are alright. You are safe. Continue breathing easily now. Focus on your Heart Centre (This is your own Central Sun!) where you are holding your hand or hands. Sense it and FEEL it as a great compassionate, transmuting force.

  • When you have a sense of completion, on each exhale, let go and say with deep feeling, “IN THE NAME OF MY DIVINE ESSENCE, I LET GO OF … (think of, feel and say the situation, person or thing) AND I FORGIVE MYSELF, I FORGIVE EVERYONE INVOLVED IN THIS SITUATION (You can name the person or persons involved), AND I ASK FOR FORGIVENESS FOR WHATEVER OFFENSE I MAY HAVE INCURRED EITHER CONSCIOUSLY OR UNCONSCIOUSLY IN THIS SITUATION”. (Say it 3 times.) I give thanks and so it IS.

  • Breathe in and out calmly until you are complete.

You can do this light exercise whenever you feel emotionally overwhelmed, even if you cannot identify the circumstance, person or thing that is causing you this heavy feeling. You will soon be amazed by the soothing, healing effect that the power of Loving Forgiveness brings!

Until next time, to your beautiful Light!