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From Empath to Empowered

It is very common in our spiritual community to identify ourselves as “empaths”.

As you know, and empath is a highly sensitive person, someone who can very easily sense peoples / place’s energies. Being so sensitive can be a great tool. It can become a great radar to guides us through life and relationships. Empathy also makes us able to support and understand people better.

The problem comes when we are not able to detach from those external energies and emotions and we internalize them.

Taking on these external energies is exhausting and overwhelming. It can become exhausting and very disorienting as we might have a hard time identifying what is ours and what is not.

It is very important to remember that being empaths does NOT equate to being vulnerable or weak.

It can be quite the opposite. It can become a great tool and help you be energetically and emotionally stronger.

One of the most common complaints from highly sensitive people is that we feel that we are surrounded by mostly very negative people.

We hear it all the time: “I need to protect myself constantly because everyone is so negative”.

Another common problem of highly sensitive people is that we might feel exhausted from “absorbing’ people’s negativity.

It is true:

- Some of us are more sensitive than others

- Some of us can feel more strongly

- Our world can be very negative

- Bad vibes are a reality

However, with great power comes great responsibility.

If you are one of those empaths, you are responsible for your own well-being (just like everyone else).

As empaths we must learn to make our energy stronger and more stable, so that loud energies cannot as easily disturb us. We are also responsible to learn how to release, or better yet, avoid taking on outside energies. We must stop living in fear and anxiety.

The good news is that this might be easier than you think.

As all wellness practices, it takes commitment, consistency and trust.

The first step towards becoming an Empowered Empath is to understand and integrate the certainty that we are in control of our own energy field, which is actually as strong, or stronger, than any ‘negative vibes” that can be thrown our way.

Empathy DOES NOT EQUAL Weakness or Vulnerability!

Empath means Informed, and information IS power

Once we take that in, we can start to manage the energy around us differently. We can now decide to use the information we sense for the highest good of all, instead of absorbing it or taking it on and carrying it as a burden.

We need to create a new habit. Instead of being anxious about all the “heavy energies out there”, we can decide to remind ourselves that being aware of it does NOT mean we need to be affected by it.

Approaching the world with fear and anxiety IS exactly what makes us resonate (compatible) with low vibration energies (or “negative” energies).

This is the reason why empaths complain so much about attracting negative people.

We can understand what makes people be mean, be compassionate AND also have proper boundaries all at the same time.

It is a good idea to practice assertive and gentle ways to communicate what your boundaries are, so you don’t feel anxious when you have to struggle for words when the situation presents itself.

It is also good to remember that knowing our boundaries doesn’t mean that others will be automatically aware of them.

As empaths this can be a bit of a difficult thing to do, but we must learn to clearly and consistently express our boundaries.

People need to know them in order to respect them, this is especially important if it is a new boundary you are setting. Be prepared for people’s reactions, they don’t have to like it, but they have to respect it.

Please remember that we are in this together. I was actually inspired to write about this because it is something I struggle with, and because it is a common theme for many of us.

Keep track of your progress and use the tools we have available to support you and make it easier for you to create those new habits.

Some tools that can apply here are:

- Journaling: write about your progress, goals and experiences through this process. This will help release and also teach you how to try different approaches. Also write and read affirmations and keep track of the new awareness that is created through your progress.

-Crystals: Black tourmaline to help transmute any heavy energies; sunstone for confidence; amazonite to create new habits

-Visualizations: Practice those situations you know are tough to manage. Come up with the words and ways to express your boundaries and to handle the situation; a way that will actually feel comfortable to you when this comes up in real life.

-Essential oils: Valor (Young Living blend) to support you through change and give you confidence and motivation; black pepper to break out of old patterns; citrus oils to boost your confidence (bergamot is a great one); lavender to relieve stress and anxiety; frankincense for spiritual and energetic strength

-Meditation helps with EVERYTHING!

Take back your power and show the world that you can be sensitive and strong all at once!