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June 2019 Tarotscopes

Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius

Aries - There are lots of money making opportunities coming your way this month! It would be wise to look into cultivating multiple income streams, or at the very least consider investments. Join a business association to network your ideas.

Leo - You are restless in June. Look for a hobby to burn off some energy. If you try something you've never tried before, you might make a fortuitous connection.

Sagittarius- Hard work pays off! You might feel overwhelmed in June, but getting it done now will lead to rewards in July. Don't put it off this month or it will lead to burnout.

Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Gemini- Things will happen in June that you might want to speak on, but the wisest course of action may be to stay out of it and say nothing. If you keep out of the mix, you'll finish first.

Libra - Brace for big change and synchronicity! Life comes at you fast, so prepare for new directions. June is a good month to de-clutter your finances.

Aquarius - Prepare to be bombarded with invites. Baby showers, weddings, housewarmings....its OK to turn some down. Some of you may find that you receive a proposal or surprise of your own.

Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Cancer - June is about celebrating the fruit of your hard work. Network for success and forge connections with people who have the energy you wish to embody.

Scorpio - You need to spend June replenishing your energy and taking some recuperation time. Do something to further your own desires.

Pisces - June sees an enhancement of relationships of all kinds. The love you are looking for is present, you just need to see it. Make some effort to repair or strengthen existing connections.

Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

Taurus - You need to catch up on emails, bills, texts, and paperwork! Aim for clear communication in June. If you are waiting on an answer to something, you may need to follow up with the person/ business

Virgo - You might be overwhelmed in June. it's going to be one of those months with a hundred little ten-minute projects to finish, so pace yourself. You might get several conflicting instructions at work, so be sure to ask questions and clarify.

Capricorn - You need to stay out of drama in June. Don't engage! If your name gets dragged in, shut it down, ASAP. You will get stuck in the quicksand if you get involved, and the fallout might last for longer than June!