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Septarian or Dragonstone - A Shamanic, Healing and Psychic Enhancing Stone

Beautiful Septarian is one of those less known stones that are true treasures. “Stone” is actually correct term for Septarian, since it is made up of a few different crystals. This might be why it is such a versatile stone.

You can discern septarian’s properties by combining those of its main components. It is very interesting too that each specimen shows different proportions of each mineral, so we could say that each specimen’s properties will be different.

A few of the main properties of the components are as follows:

  1. Aragonite (brown) brings grounding qualities. It helps deepen the connection with the Earth and Earth Chakras.

  2. Calcite (yellow) is a great stone to help release. It also stimulates the solar plexus chakra and it is a very uplifting crystal.

  3. Barite (white) is a highly spiritual stone that supports intuitive vision and journeying. Barite also clears and balances the entire chakra system.

  4. Chalcedony (grey) brings in harmony and brotherhood. It clears negative energy and brings mind, body & spirit into harmony.

As you can see, septarian works with all chakras. It can be used for grounding and releasing purposes, as well as for enhancing spiritual and psychic abilities.

There are 2 qualities of septarian that I love working with. The first one is the property to help us connect with the Earth and release those energies that no longer serve us. The second quality that I want to highlight is its uplifting energies of self-confidence and purpose.

You might also want to use septarian for public speaking. It helps you connect with the audience and communicate with ease. It also helps understand other’s view points and to be patient and tolerant.

Just as dragons and serpents (which it resembles), septarian is a very shamanic and mystic stone. It is perfect support for meditation, journeying and enhancement of psychic abilities.

The use of septarian is highly recommended to support one’s own spiritual work or to be used as a tool in healing or psychic sessions.