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Why Tourmaline is such a great healing crystal

Tourmaline is one of our favorite stones here at Breakthrough. It is such a noble stone with an uplifting and soothing energy. We recommend it constantly for its properties.

Since tourmaline is the one gemstone that can present itself in the widest variety of colors, its energies can be used for many healing needs. Tourmaline's color variations can be present in a single specimen, going from pink to green or other combinations.

Some less known characteristics of tourmaline are its Pyroelectric and Piezoelectric properties. These means that tourmaline can get electrically charged by heat or pressure. That tells you something about the energy conductivity and electromagnetic protection properties of tourmaline.

Another great thing about tourmaline is that its striations tell you the path of the energy flow of each specimen, which is great for healing work.

In my personal experience, tourmaline is a crystal that helps you in 2 main ways, regardless of the color. The first way is by bringing blockages and non-beneficial energies to the surface, so you can easily identify them and release them. This is one of those stones that might make you feel a bit uncomfortable at first, before they help you make great progress on your healing journey.

Some of the qualities that tourmaline is best known for are those of purifying, protecting and transforming / transmuting heavy energies into higher vibration energies. Due to these characteristics, tourmaline can be of great help understanding yourself and transforming fear and victim mentality into confidence, compassion and inspiration.

Black Tourmaline

The most widely known variety is Black Tourmaline. Black tourmaline is one of the best grounding and protective stones there are. It transmutes negativity and electromagnetic pollution that comes from electronics and wifi. BT is a wonderful stone to use at the entrance of your home, business or property to create an energetic de-contamination “shower” for everyone that comes in. BT is also the most popular stone to use to create a protective grid around a property or room. Carrying black tourmaline with you every day will help make your day and experiences more positive and, if needed, you can use it for a quick grounding after any emotionally charged situation

Pink and Green Tourmaline (Verdelite)

The pink and green varieties of tourmaline are perfect heart chakra and emotional healers. Both these varieties help draw out trauma and difficult emotions for release through self-awareness. They also help you make the healing process a gentler one by attracting compassion and a sense of comfort.

Pink tourmaline is especially good to work with inner child and old trauma. It also promotes love and trust in love, with emphasis on self-love. Physically, PT helps the endocrine system, the lungs, skin and heart. PT brings in feminine healing energy.

Green tourmaline is the energetic masculine counterpart of PT, bringing in more emphasis to physical healing where PT does to emotional healing. GT helps fortify the electromagnetic field created by our physical heart. Through this quality, GT can help harmonize our entire self, as well as the physical heart.


Rubellite is a darker pink type of tourmaline. Due to the intensity of its color, rubellite promotes deeper healing of the heart and the emotions. It also creates a connection to the root chakra, which promotes love of the physical body. Rubellite also brings in passion and energy.

Phisically, it helps the circulatory, digestive and reproductive systems

Blue Tourmaline (Indicolite)

Blue tourmaline has a lovely soothing vibration. It is a wonderful stone for psychic connection, with the plus of also helping express the messages from spirit. Because of tourmaline’s transmuting energies, it helps create higher connections, so you don’t have to worry about the purity of the messages. BT also helps enhance the channeling of healing energies.

At a physical level, Blue T helps with both the brain and the throat, as well as the eyes. It can help prevent scarring and to sooth burns, and to heal speech challenges. You can also use Blue T to help with insomnia and nightmares.

Brown Tourmaline (Dravite)

Brown tourmaline helps with the Earth Chakra, so it is a wonderful grounding stone that help you connect with nature and mother earth. Due to its work on transpersonal chakras, Dravite is a great stone to work with to fortify your energetic system and to focus on the Now. This is the stone to work with for shadow work and the subconscious. Use it if you want to work on healing deep old trauma and to change beliefs and patterns created in early childhood. Dravite is also great to heal dysfunctional relationships (especially family ones). Dravite combines the grounding and protective energies of black tourmaline, with the emotional healing properties of green tourmaline. As other types of tourmaline, dravite is also a very soothing and anti-anxiety stone.

Physically, dravite is a great re-generator for the whole body, as well as helping heal the intestines and the skin.

Now you know why Tourmaline is such a special crystal and a favorite of us. Its gentle transmuting properties make it one of the best supports on our self-transformation journey.