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April 2019 Tarotscopes

Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius

Aries - It looks like mercury retrograde was a bit stressful for you. Use April to de-stress and take stock of what stressors need clearing. What was triggered for you during this time? Now it's time to plan to eliminate those stressors from your life

Leo - Mercury Retrograde showed you that its time to walk in a NEW direction. Now that the retrograde period is over, it's time to put what you learned into practice and make the changes that the universe has asked you to make!

Sagittarius- April might have some surprises in store, all for your highest good of course. I think mercury retrograde has a way of showing people where they have gotten off track, and sometimes the universe has a way of re-routing you back on track. April is one of those months where the universe will make your path plain for you.

Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Gemini- Aces are tasks. And the Ace of cups in particular is the task of self love. April is asking you to check in on your emotional landscape and maybe get out of your head a little. Air signs are used to logic, and this month its asking you to shift your focus out of that and into the realm of emotion. Learn a little balance

Libra - The ten of cups represents our own picture of what we want. In reverse, it indicates that April might be about realizing that something you wanted was actually just something you THOUGHT you wanted. Your desires are changing.

Aquarius - April brings positive changes where career is concerned. Either a job change or a promotion. Either way, money is moving in your direction and that is never a bad thing.

Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Cancer - Positive news heads your way in April. But it's news that you probably will have to take an action on, so keep that in mind. Something is there for the taking, but you still have to take it.

Scorpio - Finally some wish fulfillment and manifestation energy for Scorpios! One word of caution.... be careful what you manifest in April, because as the adage goes, "you might get what you wish for"!

Pisces - April is about some balance and since this retrograde was in your sign, you might need balance more than everyone else. Do a quick review of the last few weeks, assess and then drop it. Doing the same things expecting different results is not going to work here, so try adjusting your approach.

Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

Taurus - Finally things begin to lighten. Mercury retrograde likely showed you some synchronicities to do with your path forward. It's time in April to heed those signs and to act upon them. The universe can lead you to water but it can't make you drink.

Virgo - Mercury retrograde showed you something this time around and you got stuck on it. The hanged man warns about being stuck in a perspective. Sometimes we aren't really "stuck", we are only "stuck" in how we want things to be. Change your perspective.

Capricorn - April is shaping up to be a month that tests your patience, your energy, and your focus. It's almost like mercury retrograde got delayed for you entirely and you'll just be experiencing its effects now, in the shadow period. The strength card is about perseverance, so push through!