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Our "1 on 1 Appointment" Policy

To our Valued Customers,

In an effort to serve you better we will be implementing the following policy with regards to one-on-one treatments and consultations that will ensure that these appointments are performed in a timely manner. We value both your time, and the practitioner’s time, and therefore the new policy will be as follows:

  • All appointments will start within 5 minutes of the time that was booked.

  • Clients who arrive late will have the option of accepting a shortened appointment (minimum session length for readings is 15 minutes and for healings its 20 minutes), at an adjusted price.

  • Clients who arrive too late for the minimum session length will have the option of rescheduling according to availability

  • The practitioner will let you know 10 minutes before your appointment is to end so that you can make sure to clarify anything you have final questions about

  • All appointments will be finalized on time and the customer will proceed to the store area so that the practitioners can perform session closing rituals and ready themselves for their next appointments

  • If you require additional time, please check at the front first, so that we can confirm if your session can be extended. Sessions can be extended 15 minutes and 30 minutes subject to availability

Thank you for your understanding