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January 2019 Tarotscopes

Aries, Taurus, Gemini, and Cancer

Aries - This month is about fresh starts and purging what is no longer relevant. Stop making space for things that are trying to leave. Be self aware of self-destructive traits, including co-dependency. It's time to practice some radical acceptance. Evaluate things based on what they are, not what you want them to be.

Taurus - January is the month for shifting out of the comfort zone. You will be confronted with many situations that ask you to do this, but ultimately it will be up to you whether or not you take advantage. Earth signs normally like to be very rooted and grounded on a firm footing, but don't expect that kind of energy this month. Learn to go with the flow.

Gemini - You need to start shifting older narratives. What stories have you been telling yourself in 2018? Were those really accurate stories? If you really do some soul searching, you'll find that things are not necessarily the way you've been telling yourself that they are. Be aware of areas in your life in which you've been treating assumptions as facts, and the way that positive or negative feelings have developed based on those assumptions.

Cancer - Stop lingering in the past. There are several things to let go of now so that you don't drag them into 2019. People, thoughts, behaviours, unhelpful perspectives, the energy of things that are done.... Whichever of these resonates, it's time to drop it an move forward. Like Aries, some radical acceptance is needed this month. Somethings need to end to make space for new things to grow.

Leo, Virgo, Libra, and Scorpio

Leo- Sometimes Leos can be too left-brained for their own good. Explore something abstract this month. Choose to explore emotions in creative ways instead of trying to make sense of them with logic. Take some time away from the limelight in order to foster some much needed introspection. You can't hear what you want for yourself if you are constantly listening to other people's voices.

Virgo - Let go of skepticism in January. If you've been suspicious of happiness lately, sticking with that energy is going to turn it into a self-fulfilling prophecy. Asking for something good and then being suspicious of it called not being in a state of allowing. You can't ask to receive something and then reject it when it shows up! Just be happy about it!

Libra - Acceptance seems to be the theme of January for a lot of signs, Libra included. Acceptance of the self is a big one here. Focus on the idea of Inner beauty this month. Do a social media purge - delete every person or page that makes you feel judgmental of yourself. If your issue is with accepting others at the moment, do a reflection on whether the traits you can't accept are linked to things you can't accept about yourself?

Scorpio - Do some solar plexus chakra work in January. If December was a month in which your ego was being triggered repeatedly, what did you learn about yourself from that experience that can be used to make January run more smoothly? Balance the ego this month. It's not about rejecting the ego traits, its about seriously digging into what those traits are trying to show you. Grab a shovel, because you've got some digging to do!

Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces

Sagittarius - Sea Serpent takes us full circle, so January might see some old emotional wounds come up. This time, it's an opportunity to do something differently - to act or to react in a different way, or to make the changes that are being asked of you. Healing an emotional wound might require you to take responsibility either for your role in the situation, or for healing the wound itself. As much as we like closure to come from other people, closure is our own choice and responsibility.

Capricorn - If you've experienced a lack of motivation recently, journal or meditate about what the deeper cause of this might be. If you've been "starting and stopping", perhaps its time to reaccess whether these projects (or perhaps relationships) are actually in line with what you want. Is it what you want, or just what you think you want? Hanging on to things that are no longer relevant to your goals and desires prevent you from putting your energy into activities and people that are meant to awaken your potential.

Aquarius - If you continue doing things the same way, you are going to continue getting the same results. This goes for actions, but also thoughts, behaviours, and energy. If you find yourself "stuck", evaluate in what ways you are actually just stuck in a way of thinking or behaving. What can you change in order to change the energy? There is a growth lesson this month, but in order to experience a levelling up, something must change. The old way of doing things is not going to work in the new year.

Pisces - It's always good to strive for authenticity, but this month you might ironically find some authenticity by role playing an alter-ego. There is a layer of truth in this persona that you might only grow to except through exploration. Consider it a self-awareness excercise. Do something you normally wouldn't do, or take a risk. You might learn a different ascpect of yourself. Stop boxing yourself into one definition. Expand your worldview a little by trying something different.