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What’s up in the Universal Sky?! December 2018 Astrological Newsletter

Welcome to the final month of 2018 to complete the integration of this years vibration of Self-Mastery through relating. Lessons around Self-Mastery are not easy because it has you accessing the strength and courage that exists within the self.

We are currently being supported through the sign of Sagittarius which allows us to gain the experience necessary in fully understanding the wisdom that in inherent within us.

We start December with Mercury Retrograde which started on November 16th in Sagittarius. On December 1st Mercury will retrograde back into Scorpio, allowing us to purge those ingrained thoughts that no longer serve. It will station direct on December 6th supporting us in gathering our consciousness and then tap into our higher mind once it moves into Sagittarius again on December 12.

Whenever the Sun transits Sagittarius we are constantly tapping into the big picture. The Moon will align with the Sun on December 7th so that we can fully embrace the planting of new seeds through visualization. This New Moon awakens us to understanding our levels of dependence. Quite often when we are in a situation that is difficult to understand, we send out psychic impulses of dependency. How have you vibrated this dependency outward?

On December 9th, we are being given the opportunity to heal these psychic dependencies once Chiron stations direct at 27 degrees Pisces. Once we can integrate acceptance of how we created the activation of our wounds (since Chiron Stationed retrograde on July 5th), then we can move forward and embrace abundance as a reward for healing.

We step into the grounded application of BEing when the Sun moves into Capricorn on December 21st. On this day we will encounter the Winter Solstice. Here, we are being asked to connect with the deepest aspects of our inner reality. It is a time of hibernation and going within to connect with the essence of our responsible self. Planning is in order, giving you the ability to climb your path to success. This prepares us for an illumination that will transpire deep within our consciousness as we experience the Full Moon in Cancer on December 22nd. This is one of the most emotional Full Moons of the year, where we can see in our realty how we need to nurture ourselves more. It is time to reorient our self as we focus on the path of our Soul.

On the last day of the month, and the last day of the year, new energy is awakened within, hopefully stimulating your own personal inner warrior. Mars will move into the sign of Aries on December 31st, allowing us to activity initiate those resolutions on the following day.

Reflect upon your path of Self-Mastery that has taken place in 2018. Remember the strength and courage you accessed to move through some of your greatest challenges. Remember this was to face any fears stored deep within your heart center so that you heart could be open and free in 2019!

Think big, dream big, BE and embrace the light that exists within you. This is the ultimate-goal of the spiritual warrior who is on the conscious path of Self-Mastery!

Blessings; Nancy Arruda.

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