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How to Book Workshops and Services Online!

Booking your workshop or consultation spot online is fast and easy!

Step one is to go to the booking page on our website:

Scroll down to the list of services. Keep in mind that there is a separate tab for every service type (Workshops, Reiki, Intuitive Consultations, and Holistic treatments):

Once you find the service you would like, click the purple "book it" button to the right of the listing. It will take you to a calendar screen, Select the date you wish to book and the times available will appear. Select your time slot and click NEXT:

You will then be taken to an information screen. Please fill out the relevant details and click on NEXT (to the right):

Lastly, you will be taken to the payment page. Click PAY NOW and it will direct you to PayPal to make your payment. PayPal is a secure payment option and it does not require a Paypal account to use.


You are booked!