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December 2018 Tarotscopes

Aries - December seems like the month where things finally start to fall into place. Maybe there will be some topsy turvy-ness, however, things will rearrange themselves for your highest good. Towards the end of the month, you will start to see some minor problems sorting themselves out. Try to stay out of problems and let the universe deal with it!

Taurus - This is going to be a hard-working month. Tasks and projects will require focus and completion. Education, Career, and Finances will take up all of your attention in December. Although December is a time of holidays and parties, remember to manage your time well and set the intention that work comes before play. Your fortitude will pay off in the new year.

Gemini- Last moth the message was that it was time to do a life review. This month, with the death card, its time to clear away anything you found not to be working. De-clutter your house, your social media accounts, your friends, your tasks.... it's time to clear, clear, clear. I take the death card as a card of endings. What needs to end in December so that you don't carry it with you into 2019?

Cancer- The nine of pentacles is the card of self-sufficiency! December is not the month to drag yourself into debt to impress people. This month focus on rebuilding a good foundation for your finances, plan for your financial sphere in the new year, or maybe make a budget and stick to it!

Leo - I feel like Mercury Retrograde must be hitting Leos hard. The nine of Swords is about a lot of heavy emotional energy coming to the surface. Retrogrades bring us opportunities to heal and clear these wounds, but practice some self care this month. December is often a time of low-mental energy and an increase of heavier emotions, so take care of your mental health.

Virgo - What better way to jump into the New Year than to literally JUMP IN. The fool is about taking a leap of faith. Jumping in with two feet instead of one foot in and one foot already out the door. Assess what you have been hesitating on and do some soul searching as to why.

Libra- Libras are represented by the scales of balance, but something is off balance this month. Assess where in your life you are not being honest or authentic with yourself. Check in to see where your energy is situated and who (or what) its directed toward, then focus on bringing that energy back to yourself.

Scorpio - The first part of December is going to be about breaking down your own blockages. The seven of wands is about creating a balance between erecting boundaries and getting out of your own way. The key is knowing when to do what.

Sagittarius - December doesn't seem like the best time for big decisions. I feel like you might end up regretting big moves when new info comes to light. Let the situations play out a bit, new information might cause you to rethink your wants. Leave the decision making for January.

Capricorn - There is a big victory for you in December. Something gets resolved that has been a problem for you for awhile. A word of caution though. Don't lord your victory over other people or karma will give you a swift kick next come January. Be humble.

Aquarius - The theme for Aquarius in December is truth. In your specific case, I feel like it will be a truth that pulls you out of a state of denial. Facts will become unignorable for you this month. Whether the truths and facts are hard pills to swallow depends on how open you make yourself.

Pisces - The phrase I got for Pisceans in December is "accounts being balanced". I get the sense that for some of you this means physical accounts, like debts and payments being cleared. For others this is a karmic balance. The closing of karmic contracts (whether positive or negative) can represent a big release, so practice some self care.