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Standing in Power

I've had it!

I have been struggling for a bit with personal & professional change & growth.

The lessons have not been supple anymore, more like effing bricks thrown at my face.

I have been forced to make huge changes in my life and business... the kind of changes that we would just rather avoid, those changes that are so hard that we chose (time after time) not to implement in our lives and which keep us in the hamster wheel.

Staying on it has not been an option for me anymore, I was pushed too hard off of it.

I had been sitting in the heaviness, grief and hurt of the endings and transition.

You think you have a support system in place and then it crumbles and you're forced to stand alone.

Today I was about to (after another hurdle), allow the dark cloud to come over me and I thought I had to sit in this lose once more.

Then I said, fuck it! I am done being sad and needy. I am done feeling like I need support to make it through the rough times.

The reality of life is that even though many people love us, they are not always there for us. They have their own shit to deal with & that's OK.

Today I stand on my two feet and say (again) Fuck it!!

I have walked a long way, I have grown and transformed. I am blessed with the opportunity of knowing my soul purpose and the strength that hides behind the pain.

I am ready to be enough to keep myself going. I have dug out enough magic and light from inside to hold myself and to move forward, step out of the wheel.

I now chose to advance in strength and to see things as opportunities, instead of as loses.

Today I say: If this didn't work out it is because something better is coming. It might be different, it might not be what we can envision at the moment. It really doesn't matter. It will be better.

I take a deep breath and open my heart, let it expand and make room for the new and better.

The heart is the breeding ground of our experiences. Today I open mine and expand it beyond, to create big & better and more of the GOOD.

I am grateful for being able to see the light, I am grateful to be able to feel my heart expand so much, i am grateful for all the people in my life.

To those that feel affected by the changes I say "I love YOU" and thank you for being in my life. Thank you for understanding and I hope that you too open your heart as large as all the universes to bring a million blessings to your life. I hope to be a part of it and a witness with you.

I hope we can all find the support we need, for those days in which it is hard to sustain the opening of the heart, and we need to move back in to recharge.

I am grateful for energy medicine. That is the answer, that is the light.

Many Blessings!