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An Explanation of Psychic Attacks and Energetic Vampires from Multiple Viewpoints

Psychic attacks and Energetic Vampires have been common question topics among the customers and practitioners here at Breakthrough Centre and during a recent spiritual video night, we discovered that there are many viewpoints on these subjects. We decided that is would be a great blog post idea to present a few of these viewpoints within the same article. Here is what Silvia, Britta, and Nancy had to say about it:

Silvia Gutierrez of Breakthrough Centre says:

One of the most common concerns we hear about is how we feel surrounded by negative people and situations. It is true that we live in a negative world and it also true that some people even take the time and effort to consciously send bad vibes to others.

Here’s the good news: You can stop this from affecting you and you can also become aware of your own energy and how it is affecting you and others. The truth is that we are not helpless to the bad wishing and cursing of others, even if we feel powerless because “they know what they’re doing”, or “they are stronger than us”. There is a Universal Law, called the Law of Resonance. This law basically indicates that only those energies that we are a match to can manifest in our lives. This being said, I have to clarify that you don’t need to be negative to attract negativity. You could be attracting negativity because you feel powerless, sad, fearful, angry, or any other emotion which vibrates at a similar level as that negativity. There is another characteristic of how energy works that we need to also keep in mind. When two different vibrations are in close proximity, the one with the higher amplitude (meaning louder or stronger) will influence the one with the lower amplitude, regardless of which one is “more positive”. So, if you are feeling ok and someone is REALLY mad, chances are you’re going to be influenced by them. On the other hand if you are SUPER happy and someone is negative, chances are you are going to help bring them up a bit. So, what I’m trying to say is that you have the power to manage the energies around you in proportion to your self-awareness and the work you put into raising your vibration. In regards to psychic vampires I only have to say that YOU are the Queen/King of YOU. You can set the intention that will stop psychic vampires on their tracks. All you need is the proper awareness and intention. Psychic vampires are not supernatural or super strong, evil beings; they are us, you and me when we’re down with the blues, when we’re insecure or having a bad moment. Most of the time energy sucking is NOT intentional, but even if it is, always set your intention to protect yourself, and it WILL work. More than anything it’s all about setting boundaries.

Nancy Arruda of Universal Sky says:

Psychic attacks do happen, but a true psychic attack is very rare. It is quite noticeable and very complex. Someone with advanced energy or psychic skills administers a psychic attack upon the will of another individual. This means that not just an average individual with no concept of psychic abilities can administer them. They are done consciously with focused intent to cause harm upon another individual. Someone in the psychic arts who has a lot of energy can project them onto others, but it is not suggested to do this, as there is a karmic pay back that can happen to the administrator of the psychic attack. If you are under a psychic attack you will know, however you may not know until a series of events transpire over a long period of time. Side effects of a psychic attacks are physical illness such as extreme nausea and vomiting along with diarrhea. Major electronic and appliance breakdowns can also transpire around the victim, not just one appliance that the victim may own but several will break down over a period of time. Feelings of disorientation, feeling defragmented, experiencing nightmares and it will seem like everything in your life is breaking down and there is nothing you can do about it. It can tale a victim of a true psychic attack almost a year to realize that something or someone is attacking them. Most people who believe they are under psychic attack are not, they are simply experiencing an energetic attack set upon them by someone who is unconscious and not aware they are directing the 'attack' energy to them. Energetic attacks are not as aggressive as a true psychic attack. They last a couple of days or weeks and at the most a couple of months. The victim can easily stand up to the attack energy the moment they are aware of it. Unlike a psychic attack, in which, the victim is helpless in standing up to the energy which is being imposed upon them. Most energetic attacks are karmic in nature, where most psychic attacks are infused by the psychic persons will upon the victims will. It is believed that people who are energy vampires (people who suck the life force energy out of you) are the ones responsible for the energetic attack. Keep in mind there is typically a dynamic that is transpiring between the 'energy vampire' and the victim. On a higher level, the victim is learning a spiritual lesson that they are having difficulty with implementing or learning. The 'energy vampire' is taking advantage of the victim, so that the victim can stand up for themselves. Most of the time it is as simple as setting boundaries with the individual that is sucking them dry. If you have difficulty setting boundaries, then it will feel like a great feat to stand up for yourself in the situation that is transpiring. Most often, people who are under attack will not know how to deal with the energy and to make it simple, they will dissociate from the energy vampire. However, if the victim does not learn their lesson, they will simply invite another energy vampire into their life to teach them the lesson. It is easy to call someone an energy vampire when the person calling them that can not stand up to them. However, once again, most people who are labeled as an energetic vampire are not even aware they are draining someone. If you believe there is an energy vampire in your life that is energetically attacking you, then ask yourself the following questions. What are you learning? Why did you invite this person into your life? What do you need to do, or who do you need to BE? Once you figure that out, DO IT and BE IT! If you do then not one can energetically attack you. Take responsibility for your own behaviours, stand up for yourself, face the conflict and then find your peace! Harmony happens through facing the conflict, not by avoiding it!

Britta McBride of Tarot Toska says:

I believe that we each have autonomy over our own selves and energy. That is the law of free will. While I believe in negative energy, energy vampires, and psychic attacks, I think that these things can only have as much power over us as we give it permission to (consciously or subconsciously). Every time I think of “psychic attack”, I think of Neo facing the Agents in The Matrix, and how he was abl

e to stop the bullets just with his thoughts. Before Neo realized that he was the ONE, Agent Smith was able to overpower him. Neo’s energy, his lack of belief in himself, and his belief that he was not important was, in a way, transferring his power to those agents. He believed that the Agents were more powerful than him, and so they were. Yet as soon as he started to believe he was the ONE, no Agent was able to touch him. Nothing about Neo’s powers or abilities had changed; the only difference is that he changed his belief in his abilities.

When we believe we are not important, or that we are powerless, we leak our energy and our power away to those whom we perceive to be more important or powerful. This is a subconscious way of granting permission to someone for them to send you negativity or to steal your energy. If you treat yourself as less, then you are subconsciously deferring your energy and needs to whomever who you think is more….. By viewing someone as more powerful, YOU are the one placing more importance on their intentions than your own. YOU are saying in your own mind “this person is more powerful than me”, and without realizing it, your free will intention becomes: “their free will comes before mine”. And once you set an intention, the universe must follow it and operate under the assumption that the intention is true.