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Your Very Own Medicine Bag

We all have times in which we feel less than great, and that is ok.

Many spiritual healers and teachers are of the opinion that we must avoid feeling yucky at all costs, however, I resonate more with the theory that those yucky feeling periods are very normal.

It is important that we take care of ourselves when we are feeling down. First of all it is important to remember that our feelings are our spiritual GPS. They show us where we are and where we are headed if we follow this energetic path.

Whenever you feel down ask yourself why you are feeling this way, what the root of this feeling is and what you can learn from this experience.

It is also important to figure out how to release any heavy feelings, any anger, frustration, stress, anxiety, etc., and to have the tools to help us do this and also to help rise our vibration back up after this.

Medicine Bag

So, here are some tools you can use to help.

During the yucky times you can:

  • Do Shadow Work! Shadow work is a technique in which we work with our subconscious mind to figure out the roots of the problem at hand. There are several ways to go about it. Today I will give you some of the tools I like.

The first one is our own Britta McBride’s technique of using Tarot to do shadow work, as explained here:

(This is a challenge that she created last year, but the technique still applies now!)

I also like Teal Swans videos and recommendations on how to do shadow work:

  • Journaling and Meditation. Putting our thoughts on paper or focusing on them through meditation can help us bring clarity to an issue. If you choose journaling, let the words flow uncensored and without reflecting on them. Once you are done read up and see what you need to do to heal the situation. Before doing either of these activities, please open sacred space and set a clear intention for what you are looking to accomplish. Try not to want to control the outcome or the messages that come to you, be open to receive the information that you NEED.

  • Energy Healing. An energy healing session will help with the release of the heavy energies AND it will also help you gain clarity and guidance as to how you can move forward. Talk to your energy healer so they can recommend the best type of session for you at the moment. You might benefit from clearing and balancing, or by a more specific type of session such as Cord Cutting, Soul Retrieval, etc.

  • Essential oils you can use are: Release or forgiveness (by Young Living), juniper, white angelica, sandalwood, helichrysum, spearmint, and more. Essential oils can be anointed at any time or before meditation or journaling. You can add to your bath, or diffuse.

  • Crystals! You can carry the following crystals with you, hold them during meditation, create a crystal grid, gem infused water (be careful with toxic stones when making gem infused water): apache tear, ping or green tourmaline, rhodochrosite, ruby in fuscite …


Once you feel that you have done some work and it is time to raise your vibration, you can:

  • Smudge! First of all you can do a quick cleansing of your energy field by smudging yourself or having a friend smudge your energy field. The best sacred herbs to use for this purpose would be sage, sage + cedar / lavender, palo santo or frankincense resin.

  • Essential oils that can help raise your vibration and for grounding are: Frankincense, palo santo, black spruce, cedarwood, joy (by Young Living), citrus, peppermint…

Some oils to strengthen your energy field are: angelica, sage, palo santo, bergamot and frankincense

  • Crystals: To raise your vibration I would recommend: selenite, quartz (clear, amethyst or citrine), orange calcite.

  • Use Himalayan salt laps to create a feel-good space

  • Eat fresh and colorful foods

  • Participate in spiritual and uplifting activities such as group meditation, exercising, outings with your friends, more energy work!

Those are some of the options I can suggest for you. There is always your spiritual support team that is waiting for you to call on them. They are eager and ready to help: Angels, guides, animal guides and ancestors. Don’t be shy, call on them, they love to help!

I hope this provides you with support and uplifting energy, it comes from me to you with love …