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Distance Reiki for Pets and Humans, Why Choose It & What It Does

Although in-person energy healing sessions are very powerful and more interactive, sometimes they are not the most viable option.

If a loved one is very ill, hospitalized, in pain, or otherwise unavailable, we can still give them (ourselves) the gift of healing through a Distance Reiki Session.

Distance reiki can also be wonderful for important events in our life, because the reiki energy would be received at the perfect time. Distance Reiki can help us remain calm, focused, and with a clear mind to face those challenges or emotional life situations. We can use reiki for better results when studying for an important exam, reviewing a contract, giving birth, etc.

Even our pets can benefit from this type of healing, because it is stress free. Animals normally suffer anxiety when taken to unfamiliar spaces and distance reiki is a wonderful solution to support your pet’s health without having to make them uncomfortable.

The possibilities are only based on what is important to YOU.

As a reiki practitioner, I have had the opportunity to facilitate distance reiki sessions and I have had amazing results. At the end of this article I will post a couple of testimonials, so you can read what others have experienced, but first I want to explain how distance reiki works.

When performing a distance healing session, the practitioner can perform a procedure similar to the following:

  • Obtain consent of the recipient – this step is a must. Even though reiki is loving and positive energy, we do not interfere with anyone’s free will. If someone prefers not to receive, we simply accept and respect their decision. If we are not able to get explicit consent, the practitioner will ask for consent via meditation before the session (in case of animals or someone who is unconscious or otherwise unable to communicate)

  • Open sacred space – to ensure that only light, loving energy is present / sent during the session

  • The practitioner connects with the recipient through reiki symbols and other energetic tools – once a connection is established the practitioner can obtain consent when needed.

  • The practitioner might at this point receive messages or direction in regards to what the client might benefit from (crystals, animal or plant energy, etc.)

  • The practitioner then proceeds to perform a session just as if the client was present - at this point the time/space limitations are interrupted and it is like client and practitioner are both in the same room. Blockages and tears in the energy field of the client are detected and repaired, chakras are balanced and cleared, and pain / stress and any other heavy energy is drawn out and transmuted. All gaps are filled with light ad loving energy as required, and all areas of the body are re-tuned as closely to their optimum healthy vibrations as appropriate at the time.

  • Once balance is attained, the energy field of the client is sealed and the continuous flow of the Reiki is established, so it can continue to help the client.

  • A closing ceremony of gratitude is the next step and then closing of sacred space.

  • Feedback and recommendations are provided to the client or the client’s loved one who booked the session, as appropriate.

That is the practical process of a distance reiki session, but you are like me, you might be wondering how and if it works.

If we look at science for an explanation, we still won’t have full confirmation of HOW distance healing can take place, however there have been multiple serious and reputable studies conducted to test the efficacy of this type of healing, and they show that it works!

Some of these studies measure the effects of distance healing on the growth of plants, other ones have helped reduce tumor growth on lab animals, others measure changes on the human body, etc.

In order to show you an example of the work being done in this field, I want to present you with the work of just one team of scientists. Marilyn Schlitz, Ph.D. (director of research at the Institute for Noetic Sciences in Sausalito, Calif.) & William Braud, Ph.D. (professor and research director at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology in Palo Alto, Calif.) have performed a series of experiments trying to test the efficacy of what they call “Distant Intentionality”

The team measured changes to the skin resistance response of human subjects while receiving energy healing from people who are in a different place. This is like using a polygraph to measure reactions to stimuli, however in this case, the subjects were not in the same room of those sending healing to them, they couldn’t even see them.

The results they obtained where analyzed by different laboratories, all showing similar results indicating that the influence of the healers was extremely high.

As summarized by Maureen Lockhart Ph.D., in her book “The Subtle Energy Body”, some of the most exciting findings are as follows:

  • Those subjects for whom the influence would’ve been most beneficial, were more susceptible to the energies than others.

  • The effects of intentionality can occur even when the recipient is unaware of the time of the transmission.

  • “None of the participants used the effect to engender harm”.

  • The recipients seemed to be able to stop the effects if the transmission was unwanted.

This is what science has found.

Outside of the scientific community, we have all probably learned about ancient civilizations and the use of energy (& distant) healing methods that remain in use today. Reiki is one of the disciplines that provides us with specific distance healing tools and methods. Reiki is love Energy, Universal Life Force; there’s no energy that can be sent that is purer or more loving.

Here are some examples of what can be experienced during a distance reiki session:

M from Brampton says:

“In one distance healing I had the feeling I needed to turn over on to my stomach. As it turns out Silvia was working on my back. That is how strong her connection is. I am looking forward in upcoming sessions to explore with Silvia where my spiritual mind wants to go and continue to heal my broken body”.

S from USA says:

“Meeting Silvia and receiving from her powerful gifts of healing is the definition of nourishment. As an author and advocate for childhood abuse and trauma, my work and my life demand much of me. It is something I have learned to navigate with grace and deep discernment. However, when Silvia offered to extend healing to me, I instantly felt as if I was in the best care and I absolutely had no qualms receiving from her. No fear or trepidation or confusion as to why she was extending what she was to me. Because she not only is gentle, she is clear. During our session together, I was cradled with support and affirmed over and over that my choice to receive from her was the right one. Whatever you need, Silvia is there to hold you in that space and bring you home to yourself. Her work in this world goes far beyond just the time we spent together, and these sessions are just the beginning. and bring you home to yourself. Her work in this world goes far beyond just the time we spent together, and these sessions are just the beginning.”

This is a brief summary of what distance healing is and how it works, if you have any questions, we’d be happy to help answer them.