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Tools to Help Get You Out of a Funk

The last few months we have gone through some really powerful and challenging astrological / energetic phenomena.

I have felt the effects personally and I have heard so many people talk about the same “symptoms” that I am experiencing.

What I have been hearing about is words such as: lack of focus and lack of energy, the need to sleep more, difficulty focusing and remembering things, heaviness around the gut or heart area (energetic in nature), etc. …

Sometimes when you are going through one of these periods it is difficult to know what to do in order to recover and feel better.

This is what prompted me to share with you some resources that you can use to manage these energies and to help integrate the changes

Maybe you’re experiencing something similar, or maybe you’ll just feel that what I am about to describe can help you in some way. Either way, I hope you enjoy trying some of these out:

o Add one cup of salt (Epson, sea salt or,,, even better, Himalayan salt) and 1.5 cups of baking soda. or o Add 1 – 2 cups of salt and essential oils. Some good oils for emotional or energetic release are geranium and bergamot. A wonderful & powerful blend to use is ylang ylang, lavender, geranium and sandalwood. Please you use a good quality (pure) essential oil, do some research, it is important. When using a pure oil you will need about 15 drops total. or o Add apache tear or tourmaline; you can combine with amethyst. Any type of tourmaline is great for emotional release, and black tourmaline is particularly good to work with fears, anxiety and stress, besides emotional release.

When you take a healing bath it is very important that you set you intention clearly. Once the tub is full say a small prayer, call on your angels, guides etc. so they make the space safe for the healing about to take place. Ask them for help on what you want to accomplish and “infuse” the water with that same intention. Add the elements to the water and get in. During your bath watch your breath. Make a conscious effort to use your breath to help move the energy inside you, to help gather it and to release it. You can do a guided meditation or simply focus on it yourself. Once you feel that you are done don’t rinse, just towel dry. Don’t forget to thank your angels and guides for their support and protection. It could be a good idea to journal after you have a healing bath.

• Write! Writing is a great tool to release heavy energies and to help us gain insight on what we’re feeling. Many times, while writing or reading what we’ve written we get a deeper understanding of what we are feeling and why. We might also understand what we need to do next.

There are a few specific writing exercises that you can choose from. o Journaling is a great tool in itself. Don’t think too much, don’t edit or look for the “right” words, just write what comes to mind, as it comes. Write everything. Remember that you don’t have to let anyone read what you have written. It is just for you so, go crazy. Write your feelings, questions, emotions. Write things that you want to say that might not be a appropriate or would be offensive to say outloud. It is ok to do so, you’re just writing for release and you can even burn the paper after, no one has to see it. o Gratitude lists. Gratitude is like a magic wand, it changes things for the better. It changes our vibrations and it can even help bring changes in circumstances and difficult situations. You can write little gratitude notes every day and read some when you’re feeling down or read them all on a special date (like Thanksgiving). You can also write a gratitude list every morning or every night. Have your family participate too if you’d like o Read & Work through “Simple Abundance” by Sarah Ban Breathnack. This is a book that guides you through 365 days of short readings and easy activities that can change your life. You can also use her Gratitude Journal which gives inspirational quotes and a daily space for your gratitude notes. You can make reading this book part of your morning routine and use it year after year for a continuous source of comfort and inspiration. o Do the “Miracle Exercise”. Melody Beattie created this exercise when she was going through a very hard period in her life. It helped her improve her life in all areas and I have used myself in the past to help me through a rough patch. It is really powerful. The Miracle Exercise is based on gratitude as well, but it gives it a different spin. On her book “Make Miracles in Forty Days”, Melody explains the process and why this exercise works so well. I would recommend that you read the book first, it is a very small and easy to read book, you’ll be done in no time. The exercise goes like this: First, write what you would like your life to look like. Write how you want to feel, what you’d like to have and do. Then choose the miracle you want to create (or miracles). After that, for 40 days you will start the day by writing a list of situations, feelings and people that are problematic at the moment, basically you need to write a list of all that’s wrong with your life now, the trick here is that at the top of your list you need to write the following words every day: “Today I am grateful that…” That’s right, it is a gratitude list for all that sucks. This doesn’t mean that you actually feel grateful for these things or people; you’re only saying that, you are acknowledging, honoring and integrating REAL feelings and emotions.Granted, there might be some things that we are just not willing to “say” we’re grateful for. Melody talks about how the death of her son is one of those things for her, however she talks about how instead of including that on the list, she includes the feelings around it. Like “today I am grateful for the guilt, pain, anger, etc.” It is important that you write your list within 30 minutes of waking up, and that you write what you feel, without editing or embellishing it. The Miracle exercise is designed to be done with a partner, but if you want to do that please DO read the book first, it is important to know the process well. You can start by trying it out on your own. If your miracle hasn’t happened by day 40 you might want to continue, maybe your miracle requires longer than that and you might want to keep working on it. If the results you’re getting inspire you to do so, keep doing the exercise after day 40. There’s really no time limit for it.

• Energy work! Energy balancing or clearing can help release stagnant energy and energy blockages that could’ve translated into emotional and physical discomfort. You can choose from a great variety of modalities such as reiki, shamanic, crystal healing, reflexology and many more. If you are a practitioner don’t forget to use the tools on YOURSELF! I forget all the time.

• Crystals! Using crystals is a wonderful way to help us navigate the difficult times. You can use crystals in many ways and there are also hundreds of options to choose from, so I would recommend to use your intuition and not question it. If you set the intention to find a crystal that can help you, you WILL find the perfect one for you, as long as you listen. Once you have picked the crystal(s) you can choose to do any of the following: o Meditate with it. All you need to do is to hold the crystal on your receiving hand (or whichever hand feels right) and follow a guided meditation or just sit quiet and explore the sensations, feelings and thoughts that come to you. Write down anything that seems important or intriguing, you might want to refer back to it later. You can also lay down and place the crystal on you, where it feels right. o Do a crystal layout. This means to place crystals on your body as you lay down. This is a powerful way to transmute and strengthen your energy field. It can also be used to release or balance energies and to help with pain management / relief. You would need to do a bit of research on it or come see us for a professional crystal session. o Place the crystals within your energy field. You can carry the crystals in your pocket, have them on your desk at work, on your night table or under your pillow while you sleep.

• Use essential oils! High quality essential oils are wonderful tools too. Essential oils can be used by inhaling (diffuse the oil cold for best results, heat alters the structure of the oil and its effect). You can also apply topically by using a roll-on bottle, a spray or just rubbing on the skin (please make sure to check for appropriate dilution ratios and particular oils that CAN be applied topically). So, there. These are some good ways to deal with stressful and “difficult” times. They can all become part of your self-care routine, so choose the ones you resonate with and try them out. I hope you find this article useful and don’t hesitate to share your experience via email or our Facebook page. Happy clearing!