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Love (& Gratitude) in the Time of Cholera

There is constant and abundant talk about gratitude.

We hear that we “should” be grateful for what we have and we also hear that gratitude is the key to manifesting what you want. Spiritual gurus also emphasize that being grateful for life as it is shows our level of spirituality.

So … when we’re upset, angry or sad about something that is not going well, we are not truly spiritual, or not spiritual enough?

I don’t think that is the way it works.

Gratitude is definitely an amazing transformational tool and a wonderful and uplifting practice, I agree with that part.

What I disagree with is that if we have moments of “non-gratitude” it means that we are not spiritual or good enough.

I am a believer in the integral human being.

To me that means that the human experience includes the physical body in this 3D and regular world, as well as the energy body and our divine connection to Spirit and all that is.

A very important part of the human experience is actually experiencing emotions. Some say that the very reason for human existence is to be able experience our way to unconditional love.

So we come with the capacity, and I would say the need to experience the heavy emotions because that will allow us to experience the positive ones. That will allow us to heal towards love and compassion.

This means that ideally we could move from moments in which we have to experience pain and suffering to moments in which we heal those emotions and transform them into love and compassion.

Healthy release of negative emotions and trauma is very different from ranting, lamenting and victim mentality.

Healthy release of negative emotions shows the Universe that we are learning our lessons and we Want, Accept and Welcome blessings into our lives.

Repressing negative emotions behind a “Perpetually Optimistic” façade does not open space for love, it creates a pool of energetic sludge that blocks our capacity to manifest what we do want.

If you hear a “spiritual” person say that they are beyond experiencing “negative” emotions; that they have evolved, are enlightened or somehow immune to them … Run!

Of course there’s always the possibility that they are not human, but even if they think they are not, a higher frequency being would never have the need to say “they are beyond” anything, or they have “transcended” the human experience.

If you hear a “spiritual” person say “I don’t experience those emotions anymore” you can be sure that there is A Lot of pain hidden and buried very deep inside.

So, what do we do when something crappy happens?

I will share Melody Beattie’s theory with you. In her book titled “Make Miracles in Forty Days” she shares about a time in her life when everything was going downhill and how she learned that expressing gratitude for the “bad stuff” (even though she didn’t truly feel it), helped her heal and drastically change her situation for the better.

So there you have it. That would be a wonderful way to practice gratitude in difficult times and it also shows how gratitude truly opens the way to manifest what you actually need / want in your life.

Beattie proposes to create daily gratitude list including everything that hurts and has gone wrong in our life. In order to do this you don’t need to actually feel grateful for these things, all you have to do is write down that you are grateful and what you’re actually feeling.

Basically, all you are doing is releasing the emotions that you have due to the negative experiences. Writing this down allows you to express how you truly feel and it has a cathartic effect.

When you practice “regular” gratitude you are releasing positive emotions that come back to you multiplied; when you practice gratitude for what sucks you are letting go of the negative to open space for positive and rewarding things to come into your life.

So what I can recommend while you’re still here on Earth, living this 3D experience: Be grateful for the blessings and work incessantly on releasing and healing that which hurts. It will get easier over time.

If you feel you need support and understanding you can count on us at Breakthrough. We’re always here, and we understand.

Today I am grateful that I have to constantly battle depression and sometimes it’s harder than others.