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16 Quick Science Based Facts About Crystals

This time I thought I would create a quick summary of science based facts about crystals, why and how they work. I have also included a couple of ideas on how to work with them.

I hope you enjoy it!

Note: The terms crystals and stones will be used interchangeably after fact number 4.

  1. Crystals are minerals with a repeating crystalline geometric structure in its molecules (repeating pattern). They are not organic, which means that they are not made up of something that was alive at any point in time (resins and fossils are organic)

  2. There are other types of minerals that have healing properties, but they are not crystals. Stones for example, do not have a crystalline molecular structure; they have a random anatomic pattern, as well as glass (such as obsidian). Fossils and resins, such as amber also have healing properties.

  3. Stones can also be composed of various minerals; for example, Lapis Lazuli is a stone and it is made up of a mix of several minerals: Lazulite, pyrite, calcite, etc.

  4. Crystals and stones have the property of influencing other objects to vibrate in harmony with them. They change frequencies around them and that influences emotional and physical healing.

  5. They have a Dominant Oscillary Rate that is super stable. This means that they constantly vibrate at the same rate, unlike us humans, who have many different oscillary rates for different parts of the body and through different emotions. This is why we are so easily thrown out of balance.

  6. Having crystals around us will help us be more stable and “deteriorate” at a slower rate. Crystals help us create vibratory coherence in our system.

  7. Crystals can manifest their sacred geometric structure visibly in the way they grow in nature.

  8. Energy flows in the same direction that a crystal grows, so if you want to direct the energy of a crystal towards a specific point it is better to use a rough piece versus a polished one.

  9. The Electro- Magnetic Field of a crystal will depend on its size and shape. A cluster will have a bigger EMF than a single crystal of the same kind and approximately same size.

  10. Connecting crystals energetically will increase their EMF and potency exponentially. This is why crystal grids are so powerful.

  11. Crystals of the same crystalline structure and mineral family will work better together and will enhance each-others properties more easily.

  12. Use color coding to know what crystals you can use to help with different issues. What I mean is that if the issue is around your belly area (close to the solar plexus chakra), chances are that a yellow stone can help it. If you have a communication issue then go for a blue stone, and so on. Using info about the chakras and your intuition you can find the perfect crystal for most occasions.

  13. Crystals don’t absorb and or hold negativity, they can only get thrown out of their optimal vibratory rate, but they will get back in balance soon. However, for a crystal to be thrown out of balance, it needs to be submitted to a really intense event.

  14. You can use crystals to protect yourself from pollution emitted by electronics. The best ones to use are: magnetite, shungite and black tourmaline.

  15. You can infuse water with the energy of crystals and use it to create sprays, elixirs, to cook with and if you infuse your drinking water it is a very powerful source of healing and an easy way to raise your vibration. Be careful how and which crystals you use, some are TOXIC!

  16. A crystal bath is another pleasant and powerful way to work with a crystal. I recommend you to do your research on which crystals you can use, some can get damaged by water or be toxic.