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How To Choose the Right Type of Spiritual Reading for Every Occassion

Here at Breakthrough Centre, we offer many different types of spiritual readings and consultations. We are often asked about the difference between mediumship readings, oracle card readings and tarot readings. To that end, we’ve created some general explanations of reading styles below. It is important to know that a reading is NOT the same as an energy healing. While many mediums and card readers are also energy healers, this is offered as a separate service.

When booking a reading, we may ask a client a bit about their situation. This is so we can match the client up with a practitioner that best fits their needs. If you tell us that you are interested in contacting a loved one on the other side, we would suggest a mediumship reading. If you tell us that you would like some guidance on discovering your life purpose or on overcoming a blockage, we may direct you toward a tarot or oracle reading. If you tell us that you are feeling heavy energy blockages, you may actually be looking for something like Reiki or Shamanic Healing as opposed to a reading.

A good reader will be able to explain exactly what type of reading they do, how they receive their messages, and what tools they use in conducting their readings. Additionally, once you explain your situation and what you are looking for, a good reader will be able to tell you whether their abilities fit your needs, (and recommend someone better suited if they do not).

To give you a basic idea of what to expect in different types of readings, we’ve complied a general explanation below:

  • Mediumship:

A mediumship reading involves the practitioner connecting with an external being – a departed loved one, an angel, or a spirit guide – and delivering information from these sources to provide messages of comfort or guidance. The medium relays the messages that are being given to them. Some readings are “channeled”, meaning that the practitioner allows the spirit or being to use their body to directly deliver the message to the client. Not all mediumship-style readings will be channeled. Mediums can use different tools or rituals to connect with those on the other side and every medium differs in the tools that they prefer to use. For example, while one medium may use sound tools to help bridge their connection, another may prefer using sage or incense. Some mediums prefer not to use any tools at all. It is important to note that while some mediums do use cards….not every card reader is a medium. So if your intention is to connect with a spirit or angel, you are looking for a medium, specifically.

  • Oracle/ Angel Card Reading:

All angel cards are oracles…..but not all oracle decks are angel cards. A deck of “angel” cards simply means that the oracle deck is angel themed. Oracle decks can have a wide variety of themes. Unlike Tarot, there are oracle decks that have been created for different uses; some decks are geared towards past life issues, some are focused on love, some are focused on life purposes. Oracle cards are a tool used to provide guidance. A reading with oracle cards will typically center on the client and his/her situation, providing advice and guidance. Again, while some oracle card readers may be able to receive additional messages for you from spirit…..that is entirely dependent on the reader. The focus of an oracle card reading is YOU and your energy/blockages/path of healing etc. If you are looking to connect with a departed loved one (unless the reader specifically indicates that this is something they are able to do) then you are looking for a mediumship reading. As a side note, some oracle decks are able to give yes or no answers to specific questions, but not all oracles are designed this way.

  • Tarot Reading:

Like oracle cards, tarot cards have different themes (Egyptian, Arthurian, Fairy tales, Zombies, etc.), but where oracle card decks can have different purposes (love, past life, finance, life purpose, etc.), tarot is multipurpose. This is because tarot decks follow a very structured format – each deck is made of up 78 specific cards (56 minor arcana and 22 major arcana). The archetypes and symbolism of these 78 cards can be applied to many different situations and issues. Oracles on the other hand, do not have a standard structure, therefore they can be created for a specific purpose. A tarot reading is about YOU. It shows patterns that create blockages, reveals inner motivations, and uses symbolism to shed light on situations so that you can shift those situations to a higher path and experience healing. Most tarot readings are not predictive, but are used as tools of growth and guidance. Additionally, unless the reader states that they are able to receive messages from departed loved ones or spirits, mediumship is not a guaranteed feature of a tarot reading.

Now that you are more clear what different types of readings offer, you’ll be better prepared when you come visit us to book a reading!