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Happy New Year 2016

As the year comes to an end today, I am sitting here at the counter of the Breakthrough Centre. My heart is filled with joy and gratitude for all the blessings that this year has brought.

Not everything was perfect or joyous; my year started back home in Mexico. We rushed there to visit my mom in the hospital, she was in very critical condition. Fortunately she is now recovering and getting stronger, but that was not a pleasant or easy time.

Through this year I have also faced fear, doubt, I have felt lost and sad.

At the beginning of the year I came to the realization that the career path I had been following and holding onto for over 10 years was not taking me anywhere. Despite the many promises I could see it dissolving into an endless loop of mediocrity.

I realized that what made me hold on to it was my FEAR of not being seen.

I kept hoping for acknowledgment of my efforts and professional accomplishments, but those I so desperately wanted to be seen by are blinded by their own fears.

Earlier this year I finally was able to understand this pattern of fear and self-defeat.

Back in March I released those fears and decided to take back my own power, I decided I needed to move on.

However, I knew that the career options that my formal education supported were not going to be fulfilling anymore.

Talk about a mid-life crisis.

I wanted to do something more meaningful, something that would allow me to share my own experience with spirituality. I wanted to support as many people as possible and communicate how much the spiritual path can help you in every aspect of life.

I was very scared because I saw no way of making that into a career for me.

Intentions are a powerful thing.

Here I am today, still facing fears and doubt from time to time.

I am doing exactly what I wanted to do, and it is a completely new experience and life style.

I love it!

I enjoy it every single day, but I also have my moments in which I see the practical side of this and just force myself a bit to trust that I will be supported on this path.

Trust that I can make the Centre work and grow.

Trust that I WILL be able to make Breakthrough a stepping stone for many to use in their own path of growing and healing.

I am grateful to have inherited a group of wonderful team members, customers and suppliers that support this dream come true, that make it real.

I am also very grateful for the new team members, customers and suppliers that have joined Breakthrough and are walking with me today.

I let go of fears and insecurities and instead ask for guidance and support, so I know how to honor my life mission.

I am ready for the work that comes with a New Year.

I am grateful that it is me who has been allowed the opportunity to walk with you.

So, You see?

Sometimes we think people have it so good and easy, because that’s all they choose to share with us, that’s all we’re able to see; but nothing is only good and positive, nobody is always happy.

Today I chose to share a bit of every aspect of what this year has been for me to remind you that you are NOT alone.

If you always see me smile, don’t think I won’t understand your worries, don’t think that I can’t relate to your struggle.

Please, don’t think that life is always dark (I thought so for a long time). It’s not always bright either.

Life is the best we can make it with the tools we are able to use every day.

It’s up to us to learn to use better tools and to surround ourselves with those who bring light into our lives.

Here’s to a 2016 full of new opportunities.

May we be able to see them and use them for the highest and best of all.

Carpe Diem!

Love and blessings to you ^ 1 000 000