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Closing 2015 with Love and Gratitude

Picture: Louise Hay’s Power Thought Cards

Do you have an End of the Year ceremony or tradition that you like to follow?

I find that a review, gratitude and release of what happened during the year helps put things in perspective & gives direction to work on manifesting what we truly want in the new year.

Here are a few questions that might help you close 2015 on a note of gratitude and set the pace for a wonderful 2016:

  • What describes 2015 for me?

  • Which of my goals for 2015 did I accomplish? Did some of them change?

  • Did I have any unexpected accomplishments?

  • What did I learn from overcoming the challenges that I faced this year?

  • How did I contribute to make the world better?

  • What do I need to release or let go of. So I can make room for the wonderful gifts that 2016 will bring?

  • What am I most grateful for in 2015?

You can also journal about anything else that you need to rant about, don’t hold back, and let it all out. At the end you can either destroy what you’ve written or save it so you can come back to reflect on it later on. If you have a fire on during your ceremony (candle) you can use its healing and transforming power to transmute any heavy energies left over and to fill yourself up with light and warmth.

To end this ceremony, you can send love and gratitude to anyone that you want (especially those people who we had challenging relationships with during the year). Don’t forget to thank your angels and spirit guides; they are always with you, giving you support and guidance.

May this help you close your 2015 with love and light the sparkle in you that will propel you into success and growth in 2016


Silvia Gutierrez