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“New Ways for New Days”

With every New Year comes an old memory.

With every old memory comes a new feeling.

With every new feeling comes a new behavior.

So, how have we been behaving lately, and has the past year been a tribute to our core values and dreams?

I sure hope so.

I mean, I don’t think God’s making a list and checking it twice, but if He is, maybe He’ll say: You’re doing alright.

This New Year is about bringing forth a new shift in our perception – a new way for viewing a new day. Perhaps some of our old thoughts and beliefs no longer make up the holiday party of our dreams.

So maybe it’s time to find a new theme.

I find that a helpful practice to transition out of the old and into the new is the practice of gratitude.

This little bugger is not really much of a bugger. I mean, the words “thank you” will grant you the greatest gift that God has ever given to you, which, of course, is the gift of love.

In order to make room for the new, what you can do is create a daily list of all the things that mean something to you. Start by giving thanks for your shirt, your bed and for all of the positive thoughts that dwell inside of your head.

In (positive) contrast, I also find it helpful to make a list filled with old regrets. I did this the other day and I found it to be revolutionary on my psyche.

I dare you to try it, too.

Write out each past regret and next to it write down the positive lesson you learned from it. Perhaps failing in one arena made you win in another, or the death of one belief gave birth to another.

Write them all down. Then say a silent prayer, followed by a “thank you” to the universe.

After you are done, enjoy the process of ripping up the regret list. (This, by far, was my favorite part.) It is cathartic to realize that all of our beliefs are held within the palm of our hands, and that “good” or “bad” has nothing to do with happy or sad.

So, happy ripping, dear friends! And remember:

Your list is only as naughty as you are nice.

So don’t think thrice unless, of course, you’re looking to create more new ways, in which case, sign up for my workshop (Pass the Peace Please) in the new year, and together we will have a heyday. (Or so it seems.)

Sending you much love (and jellybeans), Marta Mazyk