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“God Is a Kid”

All habits are caused by behaviors that were once deemed desirable.

All desires come from feelings that were once associated with love.

All love is subjective because it comes from the object of your desire.

Your habits, whether they are quirky, tidy, untidy or a little bit too big for you to handle, are simply there because, at one point, you cared enough to make something happen. And, (un)fortunately, that something has decided to stay for the long haul (or so it seems).

Your habits were created by you, and therefore, it is up to you to create new ones (if that is what you desire).Your desire, after all, is the fuel for change. Your desire is the focal point for bringing about whatever new habits you are wishing to form.

All behavior is a form of repetition. Therefore, what you repeat will become a lifelong friend.

Speaking of lifelong friend, the way you experience your childhood (or lack thereof) will determine the way you bond with your Inner Child (or lack thereof).

Your Inner Child is the captain of your ship. He is the one who decides whether you are happy or sad, mad or glad.

Your emotions are meant to be expressed, but if you don’t include the captain, a.k.a. your Inner Child, you might as well abandon your ship.

But before you decide to scream “overboard!” and have a heyday with some pirates, you might want to know a little secret:

Your habits are determined by the captain of your ship, a.k.a. the God that dwells within your heart, a.k.a. your Inner Child.

The more fun you engage in with him – as him – the lighter your life feels. The more you ignore him (and your heart), the more likely he will hide out in the dark and dress up as an “ego,” wearing a variety of ego masks and waiting for the one thing that all children who love Halloween and candy desire:

Your attention.

So, perhaps now would be a good time as any to rekindle that flame with this Little Big Kid called your heart. In order to mend this relationship, it will take practice, love, dedication and persistence.

Just like any other relationship.

If you decide to embark on this journey, it will require you to check in with your Little Big Kid as often throughout the day as need be. Often times, because the events we witness and experience as children are traumatic, an imprint is carried through, creating a blueprint to make up “the modern day you.”

If you wish, you can begin your new habit of breaking unloving habits, by creating a new relationship with your one-and-only guy – your Inner Child.

The more you engage in things that make you smile, the more likely your Inner Child will make life worth your while. You are on the same ship, of course, and you are both rowing towards the kingdom of your heart.

Just ask Jesus. He’s the one who said that “Unless we become like children, we cannot enter into the kingdom of heaven.”

So let’s make like Heaven’s children, say “I love you” to our One-and-Onlys, and begin the greatest journey that mankind has ever created:

The one where God and man become One