Reiki is a natural, non-invasive method of healing, the laying on of hands, which complements other medical care. Reiki relieves stress and tension and accelerates the body’s self-healing abilities. It assists the body in cleaning itself of toxins. Reiki adjusts the energy flow for the endocrine system, bringing the body into balance and harmony.


Usui Reiki Classes 2021

Reiki Level 1: TBD

Reiki Level 2:  TBD

Reiki Advanced Training:   TBD

Reiki Master Training: Saturday - TBD


Karuna Reiki Classes 2021

Reiki Level 1: TBD

Karuna Level 2:  TBD


Karuna Master Training: TBD

Individual classes can be scheduled too. Call us to inquire

Individual classes can be scheduled too. Call us to inquire

In  Person sessions are held at The Aura House
located in the Old Shoe Factory building in Brampton


Distance Reiki


$ 45.13 + HST / 30 min.

Mon, Wen & Fri

10 - 5


If you would like to gift your loved ones a reiki session and they reside in a different area or are maybe undergoing procedures at the hospital, you can still support them through a distance reiki session. 

A distance healing session of reiki works through time and space, and it has effects just as powerful as a live session produces.

A reiki distance session can also be a great tool to help you through important or challenging events such as exams, meetings, important family and life events. 

Book your reiki distance session in advance and receive the benefits from it at the exact right time to help you work towards the best possible outcome.

You can choose to get a phone call before and after the reiki distance session to discuss what transpires, or just to receive an email after the session with any finds and recommendations.

Distance Reiki
for Pets


$ 30 + HST / 15 min.


We are happy to now offer distance reiki sessions for your pet.  Reiki is a wonderful tool to support any treatment. Some of the issues that reiki can help with are behavioural, post-surgical recovery, anxiety, pain, aggression, or physical illness.

A distance reiki session for pets works through time and space allowing the practitioner to perform a healing session with effects just as powerful as a live session produces.

Through a distance reiki session you can support your pet's well being without going through the stress of leaving their home, being with strangers, or having to jump on a treatment table. 

After the distance reiki session for your pet is done, you will receive an email to confirm its completion and with any pertinent comments and recommendations.

Please let us know the focus of your session when you book!

Shamanic Reiki


$ 111 + HST / 60 min.

Tue 10 - 4

Thu 10 - 1


Shamanic Reiki sessions are a powerful combination of the Reiki energy and shamanic elements and tools, such as animal, plant and ancestor energy.

During a Shamanic Reiki session you can choose to work with any of the following techniques:

  • Energy clearing and balancing or "illumination" to help you release blockages, unhealthy energy; and balance your energy centres and flow

  • Cord Cutting, to eliminate unhealthy energetic attachments to people or situations that cause energy 1614drainage and or suffering. Energetic cords can also add toxicity to already strained relationships, making healing and reconciliation more difficult.

  •  Past Life Journey. Use this tool to heal aspects of your present life that might have originated in a previous life. 

  • Soul Retrieval. Recover those aspects of yourself that are ready to be re-integrated. We suffer "soul loss" whenever we encounter traumatic situations, and we are unable to immediately process them. Soul Retrieval can be a great way to do inner child work, and to heal old wounds. It is a great step towards being whole again.

Reiki Treatments

Investment: In Person

$ 50 + HST / 30 min.

$ 100 + HST / 60 min.

Tue 10 - 4

Thu 10 - 1


Silvia offers powerful sessions that combine the healing energy of Reiki & Crystals.


Reiki & Crystal Healing can help eliminate blockages in your energy field that might be causing emotional or physical discomfort or illness.It is also a wonderful tool to help resolve emotional issues, or to help us empower goals and advance in our life and spiritual journey.


Whether you are looking for a soothing, anti-stress session; an energy boost; or non-invasive support recovering from an accident or illness, a healing session with Silvia will provide you the loving care that you need.