Holistic Services

Holistic Services

Silvia is an Advanced Crystal Master and Karuna Reiki Master / Teacher

A  healing Session with Silvia provides multiple health benefits at all levels: Spiritual, Emotional and Physical.
The energy  en-trains your personal energy and activates the body’s ability to heal and restore its balance. Reiki & Crystal Healing promotes the release of stagnated energies and optimal energetic flow. Once energy flows freely and is balanced, this will start reflecting in all areas of life and health.
Energy Healing is a non-invasive and gentle healing modality that has been used all over the world for thousands of years, and that has also been researched in modern and serious science laboratories around the world.
After an energy healing session, clients have reported pain relief, relaxation, emotional release, and more.

Investment: $50/ 30 Minutes and $100 / 60 minutes + HST
Available: Thursdays 4-8, Fridays 12 - 4 and Saturdays 10 -6.

Reiki & Crystal Healing with Silvia Gutierrez

Munay Ki Rites with Silvia

Shamanic Reiki sessions are a powerful combination of the Reiki energy and shamanic elements and tools, such as animal, plant and ancestor energy.

During a Shamanic Reiki session you can choose to work with any or a combination of the following techniques:

* Energy clearing and balancing or "illumination" to help you release blockages, unhealthy energy; and balance your energy centres and flow

* Cord Cutting, to eliminate unhealthy energetic attachments to people or situations that cause energy drainage and or suffering. Energetic cords can also add toxicity to already strained relationships, making healing and reconciliation more difficult.

* Past Life Journey. Use this tool to heal aspects of your present life that might have originated in a previous life. 

*Soul Retrieval. Recover those aspects of yourself that are ready to be re-integrated. We suffer "soul loss" whenever we encounter traumatic situations, and we are unable to immediately process them. Soul Retrieval can be a great way to do inner child work, and to heal old wounds. It is a great step towards being whole again.

                                                                           Investment: $100 + HST for 60 minutes

The Munay-Ki are energetic seeds that transform your energy field healing the past and transforming your DNA. By growing the seeds you can become a different person spiritually and physically.There are nine rites of shamanic initiation that make up the Munay-Ki:The Munay-Ki rites can be transmitted individually after a healing session or in a group setting.

Investment: Individual sessions $100 / 60 minutes healing and 30 min Rite Transmission (2 sessions required).

Shamanic Reiki with Silvia Gutierrez

Angelic healing is a type of energy healing, you will set your intentions at the beginning of the session then you will relax in the healing bed (fully clothed). Natalia will connect with your energy fields and remove any blockages your might have. Natalia receives guidance from the Archangels, Angels, and Ascended Masters, appointed guides so you receive the healing that you need. She might receive messages from the light beings, spirit animals, and elementals, which will be given to you at the end of the session. Natalia does Karuna Reiki and Crystal Healing. At the end of the session, Natalia will tell you what she found in your energy field; any messages received and she will bring to your attention what you need to know. Some of the benefits are aura cleansing, balancing chakras, lighter energy fields, release (any kind), and a sense of peace, love (to self and others), joy, calmness and greater awareness.

 Investment: $50 / 30 minutes, $100 / 60 minutes

Available: Tuesdays & Thursdays 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. & Saturdays by appointment  

Angelic  Healing / Karuna Reiki with Natalia

Crystalline Rainbow Light Healing with Tammy

Crystalline Rainbow Light Healing (a form of Atlantean Healing, recognizing dis-ease as a manifestation of imbalance in the energy field). This energy is very high & powerful, yet feels gentle & uplifting when receiving it. Healing occurs on all levels when one welcomes the Divine language of Light unto self, bringing forth harmony and balance of mind body & soul. Channeling the Hierarchy of Angels & Multidimensional beings of Light & Love, Tammy receives their light language (higher dimensional frequencies) as they “speak” through your DNA, Chakras & subtle energy bodies, finding a resonance that balances you on profound levels. Your Higher Self & Divine support team will help you release and activate as appropriate for your NOW moment, bringing your light grid/body online. Tammy shares any messages received while flowing in your energy, moving through the 36 chakras housed over 7 dimensions/Heavens, bathing your being in crystalline rainbow light. Crystals (Masters of Light & profound Love) are placed on & around your body to amplify the messages of light and accelerate healing, transforming your being on all levels, releasing old patterns & timelines.

A Crystalline Rainbow Light Healing session welcomes the client to relax on a treatment bed. Tammy will assess your metaphysical/physical bodies alongside any questions or concerns you may have as she chooses crystals that will aid & benefit your current needs to release, heal and welcome your highest timeline, removing blocks to manifesting the life you desire. This is an interactive healing modality allowing you in the eternal now to pinpoint what is holding you back empowering you to let go. Sessions are booked in 30 & 60 minute appointments. Tammy can help you trust in your own innate abilities to heal on all levels. Take your next step in re-finding you!

Investment: 30mins for $65 +HST, 60 mins for $130 +HST

Available: Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Fridays 12 - 5 pm, Saturdays 2 - 6 pm

Ohana Generational Healing with Tammy

Experience an Ohana Generational Healing session with Tammy. The first half hour a client intake is completed, discussing family history on the Maternal & Paternal sides of your family. The intake shows patterns on both sides that have developed over generations. The last hour of the session, Tammy has you relax on a treatment bed as she begins to work through your energy bodies going 15 generations back. Healing and releasing takes place in all areas of your being as your ancestors show up to heal family patterns that have carried pain, illness and trauma.

Ohana is an ideal treatment for people who are:


  • feeling stuck by inherited family trauma

  • wanting to break the patterns of hurt and pain that their family has suffered


Scientists have learned that our DNA carries the memories of trauma forward into each new family member, until that trauma has been healed. When our emotions are not given a free space to be released, they become stored within the DNA structure, and then passed on through generations.

By honouring our ancestors stories (and giving them space to live in our hearts) we give them space to heal, forgive, find compassion and understanding, so that they too can move forward. By looking at the patterns that are being held in the DNA and emotional response of yourself, you will begin to see, that more often than not, we are not experiencing anything new, but rather the collaboration of generations of our ancestors’ pain, hurts and illnesses coming forward all together, for us to begin to heal within our experiences. This hands on energy treatment allows the energies to flow in through main connection points, and release the traumatic memories that are stored within. Tammy is here to answer your questions and help you heal.


Introductory session is 1.5hrs $122.00+HST (Includes client consultation and healing session)

One hour session $111.00+HST (includes client follow up and healing session)

Available: Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Fridays 12 - 5 pm, Saturdays 2 - 6 pm

Past Life Regression with Nisha

Past Life Regression is an active process where you are guided in participating in the regression as I assist you in healing energetic imprints and cellular memory from previous lifetimes.  With the intention of healing, re-experiencing and processing a Past Life memory, often helps you to resolve and permanently clear problems and issues in your current life.  Further, while in the energy of the Past Life, one is able to rescript and re-imprint positive experiences that then dramatically impact the present.

                 Investment 60 min $125.00 + HST Available by appointment

Akashic Records Healing with Nisha

The Akashic Records are a sacred vibrational recording of every thought, deed and action of a soul’s history.  Healing in the Akashic Records is healing at the deepest level.  It can help you understand and clear limiting patterns, karma and the root cause of recurring issues.  In the energy of the Akashic Records one can rescript and imprint new information that can positively influence your current life.
Investment 60 min $125.00 + HST, Available by appointment

Crystal Healing with Tamara

Our great mother provides us with all that we need to heal ourselves, whether that be mentally or physically. Many different herbs and medicines from her can heal our physical bodies, but did you know about our energy body? It is the natural electrical field that surrounds us at all times, the same way the earth has. When we take care of this energy body, physical healing is easier facilitated by our own bodies naturally. Come and take a moment, as I infuse your energy field with the crystalline medicine of the earth. 

Investment: 30 minutes $50 or 60 minutes $100 + HST .

Crystal Skull Connectedness Meditation with Tamara

On the contrary to what some may think of the skull shape, when quartz is carved into the form of a human skull, it becomes a powerful tool for journeying, healing, and reflection. They symbolize the wisdom and history of our planet in relation to humans, put into physical form. They project energies of oneness between humans and all forms of life, and allow us to reach our higher selves. Join me in meditation with two activated Crystal skulls, who have been in sacred ceremony with two other ancient skulls known as "Amar" and "Cana Ixim". Let us all reconnect.

Investment: 30 minutes $50 or 60 minutes $100 + HST .


Ascension Coaching   with Sandy

I will be honoured to guide you through a transformational conversation to heal past wounds and limiting beliefs, behaviour patterns, inner and outer conflicts, depression, apathy, confusion, fear-based projections , in private ascension coaching sessions.

We will be addressing your issues from their spiritual root to transform them into new, more expanded possibilities for success, inner and outer freedom, harmony, peace and abundance of what you want to create in your life. This is a transformation from the limited perspective of the ego mind to the expanded understanding and awareness of the Higher Self. With my assistance, you will then create powerful affirmations to write new synapse with your new vision of the old story.

Take the understanding of your life to new heights.


1 ½ Hour Session: $115 + HST ( First time) Subsequent 1h sessions: $ 97 + HST.

3-Session Package: $289 ($20 OFF) + HST /1 ½ Hs first time.

6-Session Package: $560 ($40 OFF) +HST /1 ½ Hs first time.

Sessions frequency as needed/requested.

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