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Holistic Services


BioDecoding is a holistic healing modality that is based on the premise that our body manifests illness and discomfort as a response to specific emotional experiences. These emotions are stored in the body and our brain creates a biological response to help us resolve emotional distress.

A BioDecoding session will allow you to identify the specific event or experience that is the root cause of physical or emotional discomfort or dis-ease. Whether the experience happened in early life or in your ancestral lineage, you will be supported to identify it and then resolve and integrate it. 

An integrated experience will restore balance and well-being in your system at a cellular level and at a lineage level at the same time.

Working on your personal healing will bring healing to your ancestors and descendants.

$150 for approx. 90 minutes + HST

Mon to Fri 10 - 2

Crystal Healing

A  crystal healing Session with Silvia (Advanced Crystal Master) provides multiple health benefits at all levels: Spiritual, Emotional and Physical.

The crystal energy  en-trains your personal energy and activates the body’s ability to heal and restore its balance. Crystal Healing promotes the release of stagnated energies and optimal energetic flow, and the transmutation of heavy energies into higher frequency vibration. Once energy flows freely and is balanced, this will start reflecting in all areas of life and health.

Crystal Healing is a non-invasive and gentle healing modality that has been used all over the world for thousands of years, and that has also been researched in modern and serious science laboratories around the world.
After a crystal healing session, clients have reported pain relief, relaxation, emotional release, and more.

$50/ 30 Minutes       $100 / 60 minutes + HST
Mon to Fri 10 - 2

Munay Ki Rites

The Munay-Ki are energetic seeds that transform your energy field healing the past and transforming your DNA. By growing the seeds you can become a different person spiritually and physically.There are nine rites of shamanic initiation that make up the Munay-Ki:The Munay-Ki rites can be transmitted individually after a healing session or in a group setting.

Individual sessions $100 / 60 minutes healing
+ 30 min Rite Transmission

(2 sessions required)

Mon to Fri 10 - 2