Intuitive Consultations

Tarot Readings with Britta 

As an emotional intuitive, Britta uses tarot as a spiritual conduit, enabling her to weave a story around your situation and pull meaning from the layers of symbolism that will ultimately empower you to make educated choices that will bring you in line with your highest path. Tarot can be used to reveal energetic blockages (including chakra blockages), explain inner motivations, and provide you with guidance. A reading with Britta's can explore relationship queries, career guidance, and chakra readings.

Investment: 50$ +HST for 30 minutes, 100$ +HST for 60 minutes

Available Fridays 4-8pm 

Angel Readings with Tammy 

Tammy lovingly provides a reading of your Angels through channeling, psychometry & Oracle cards sharing the messages she sees, hears, knows and feels, giving you the opportunity to release, heal and move forward. She also shares any messages she receives from Ascended Masters and deceased loved ones, offering further guidance, support and assurance in your life to give you clarity and confidence in your next steps. Specific information regarding your emotional, spiritual and physical world may come through. Come with questions or come completely open to what the spirit world has to share with you in the eternal now. Your Angels love you, and they want the very best for you, such as helping you create and manifest the life you desire.

In person or phone readings are available.

Investment: Individual: 30 mins for $50 +HST, 60 mins for $100 +HST

Multiple person and couples reading 30 mins for $70 +HST, 60 mins for $140 +HST

Available: Tuesdays 12 pm to 6 pm, Wednesdays & Fridays 12pm to 5pm, 

Saturdays 2pm to 6pm

Tea Leaf Readings with Tammy 

Enjoy a warm, comforting cup of tea and, Tammy will lovingly provide a detailed reading of what your tea leaves say about you regarding your past, present and future. We will look at family, love and romance and what is needed in the eternal now to release, Heal and move forward. This is a deeply interactive reading for the participant allowing you to remove potential blocks to harmony and balance in all relationships, most importantly, your relationship with self. Come with questions or simply come with an open heart to the love, guidance and support of your higher self, Angels and Deceased loved ones. Book your half hour or one hour cup of tea with the Angels today.   ***Please arrive 15 minutes before your reading to allow for preparation and tea consumption.

Investment: 30mins for $55 +HST, 60 mins for $110 +HST

Tuesdays, Wednesdays &  Fridays 12pm to 5pm, Saturdays 2pm to 6pm

 Mediumship with Natalia



Mediumship reading is the process of communicating with deceased loved ones and it can be a very profound healing experience. Natalia can feel and see your loved one‘s energy and she can channeled the messages that you need to receive provinding you with insights and advice for a current or future situation.  Natalia has the ability to describe their physcical appeareance, any symbols,  and  personality traits to help you identify them. Natalia will interepret their message and guidence, so you can bring them to your everyday life.

Mediumship is a very rewarding experience that will not only allow you to get insights about different areas of your life but also it will allow you to heal your heart and soul. If you feel guilty because you were not able to say goodbye or there is something unresolved. This is a great opportunity to heal and know that they are guiding us through the different stages in our lives.

 Natalia works closely with the angelic realm and other Celestial beings, Guardian Angel, Spirit Guides,  Animal Guide and Archangels. All the readings are protected by the most sacred and pure energies and invokes only beings of the highest vibration.


Investment: 30 minutes / $50, 60 minutes/$100 +HST

Available: Tuesdays & Thursdays 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. & Saturdays by appointment 


Sunny is an intuitive healer with a strong sense of clear knowing, aka claircognizance. With heart & mind open, Sunny is able to  channel the higher selves & spirit guides of her clients, articulating what information is vital in the moment. During the session oracle cards and/or tarot cards will be used as a tool to organize information into matter. The cards create a picture, piecing together what is being  spiritually communicating. Sunny is gifted in helping people find the answers needed to move forward on their path, reigniting their sense of purpose and self trust. During your session with Sunny, you can expect an abundance of guidance, honesty, support & love! 

50$ for 30 mins or 100$ for 60 mins. (+HST)

Available on Thursdays 4-8pm & Saturdays from 12 - 4 pm​

Oracle and Tarot Readings with Sunny

New Clients

Spiritual Astrology Readings with Nancy

The Spiritual Astrology and Forecasted Readings are prepared prior to your actual reading with Nancy.  She spends 2-3 hours preparing your chart and looking into the forecasted energies of 6 month to one year (depending on how long you would like your reading for).


Appointment Options & Pricing:

  • One hour, one year forecast only (Returning Clients) $150.00 plus HST

  • 30 Minute Relationship Reading (2 people) $150.00 Plus HST

  • 30 Minute Solar Return (Happy Birthday Reading) $75.00 plus HST

The Spiritual Astrology Reading consists of a combination of the Natal or Birth chart, Progressed chart and a Transit chart.  Nancy uses her psychic-intuitive abilities to see what issues and events are within each individual at the time of the reading and for a projected period of up to 6 months or longer.  If there is a specific area of Life that you would like to focus your reading on please state your request when booking your reading (ie, Career, relationship).

Information that is required when booking your reading is…  Name, Date of Birth, Time of Birth, Town and Country of Birth, Town of Current Residence and Phone Number / email address.  (Nancy may have to contact you with questions about your chart prior to your appointment with her).

You will Receive …

  • Understanding of your spiritual karma / dharma and how it interacts within your life

  • Understanding of your Personal Gifts & Lessons

  • Access to your Soul's Purpose

  •  Knowledge of the energies that you are working with for 6 months or 

  • One year (depending on the length of your reading)

  • A printed copy of your Natal Chart, and all of Nancy's Notes she made prior to your reading.

  • Your session Recorded* (No guarantees on the quality of the recording)

Appointment Options & Pricing:

  • One hour Spiritual Astrology Reading with a 6 month forecast is $150.  Plus HST 

  • One and a half hour Spiritual Astrology Reading with a 12 month forecast is $200.00 plus HST 

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