Certified Holistic Practitioner & Teacher

If you are ready to help yourself improve your life and well-being I'm here to support you.

I am a seeker, ever since I can remember I have been asking myself why things are how they are; why I am the way I am, and feel what I feel. I could never just let things be. It always seemed to me that there must be something better, a better version of me and my life out there. This has caused me to go through so many different experiences and change has become a way of life. 

In 2012 I found a way of exploring life that was different and that helped me much faster to change that which hurt and dimmed my personal light. I discovered and experienced the powerful transformation of Energy Healing. Since then,  I focused my passion, energy and time on the Holistic and Energy Healing path, this has made it possible for me to adapt and evolve at a rapid pace.

My passion now consists in constantly working on understanding energy and applying this understanding to supporting my clients healing journeys. 

My favourite modalities include Crystal Healing, Shamanic Reiki & Bio - Decoding, but during a session I normally combine tools from different modalities to better suit my client's needs

Now I also facilitate classes and workshops, and this helps me share this tools with those who are ready to bring in true transformation to their lives.


If you are experiencing any physical or emotional discomfort or dis-ease,
I can help you.

Through a holistic session you can get help with:


Energy, aura & chakra balancing and cleaning

Chronic or

reocurring patterns

and stress

to heal 

Please note that we do not advocate or recommend the replacement of any medical attention or treatment. If you are experiencing any health challenges we encourage you to seek your doctor's advice. We offer alternative modalities that are geared to make your healing process easier and to bring a holistic approach to your personal care.